Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mark Twain Said What?

What do you mean no exclamation points?!!!

Because he is such a delightful man, last night in a fit of decidedly superior marital compromise, Frank's father agreed to escort me to a viewing of the movie "Marley and Me."
Now, to those of you who are fans of dogs, and especially to those of you who are fans of dogs AND of the memoir written by John Grogan (which I recommend as a very enjoyable, engaging, and charmingly written light read for anyone seeking a break from a more heavy line up, especially if they love dogs - though I generally, as a rule, absolutely protest to reading any book that changes its cover to read "NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE") I must highly recommend that you do NOT attend the movie. The touching and humorous writing is completely absent in the film, and it was clear to me that neither Owen Wilson nor Jennifer Aniston has ever owned or loved an animal based on both of their less than truthful, shallow emotional portrayals of the despair that that any person who has ever been close to an animal (or any actor really worth their salt for that matter) must surely have felt at the inevitable end of the movie.

That said, one specific moment from the film did stick with me: a quote from Mark Twain. It appears he felt that "one should never use exclamation points in writing. It is like laughing at your own joke."

Oh Frank. I think I can safely say that Mark Twain would NOT be a fan of your blog... it seems that in the previous one alone there were 5 exclamation points, and only 10 sentences. Hmm....

Well, that's what happens when your are writing about the adventures of someone who basically lives life as if it IS an exclamation point; for example, when was the last time that anyone reading this blog looked at anything with this much hope and anticipation:

and that, after all, is just a former bowl of tuna fish!

... and what's wrong with laughing at your own jokes anyhow? At least that way you know that someone enjoys your company!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a scathing review!

I would like to see more film and book reviews on FTOEP. Perhaps Frank could start endorsing books, like Oprah.

coffee buzz said...

judging by Marley and Me's performance at the box office, Jennifer Aniston seems to be giving Brad Pitt a run for his money

Anonymous said...

Why go to a movie when you can stay home and enjoy the company of Frank!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...Frank, the photos of you are SO delightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How is it that you get handsomer and handsomer??
Appreciate your review - may I say that after reading your comments, I would not lower myself to go see that movie..........
Kisses on the lips, Frank!!!!
Love from your fan,