Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Frank is NOT enjoying the heat wave.

In the interest of keeping a handsome pug cool in such mournfully hot weather (sadly without air conditioning) we decided that it was rather necessary to hose down his body temperature. However, in order for a pug not to feel that he is being punished, it is rather advisable to create a water themed game...

Frank, being a pug, enjoys eating pretty much anything, so hosing him down remains fairly delightful as long as he thinks that the real goal is to ingest as much water as possible.
Oh Frank! Such a fun and refreshing way to hydrate!

(Thanks MJ for the very fine film footage!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Tasty Treat for a Very Hot Day

Oh Frank.
What a scrumptious looking bite of watermelon.
Do you think that you would enjoy a taste?

Oh my! Delicious!
I do a wee bit of melon rind won't hurt a pug...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Very Hot Day

I do not believe that Frank realizes what a lucky pug he is to live in the Pacific Northwest. Not only do our winters not get terribly cold, but also our summers do not get terribly hot. As you may or may not know, the pug does not do well in extreme temperatures of any kind because of their brachycephalic (wee squished) snouts.

Today, however, was a bit of a scorcher for the area at almost 90 degrees, so we began the day by putting a fan on the floor for Frank...

(Oh Frank! That is so nice! His eye began to space out and I suspect that he was imagining a doggle free car ride...)

...then had a break from the fan in the middle of the day for a tasty summer snack...

(Oh Frank! Delicious!)

... then ended the day back in front of Frank's new favorite acquisition; in what his dad likes to refer to as the "got dropped out of a window pose."

(and no, Frank did not, in fact, enjoy that beer you see before assuming this drunkard's pose!)

Oh Frank! What a crazy and odd creature you are!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Ladue

But what do you MEAN she doesn't have fur or a tail?

Frank was very startled to hear this about his cousin Gusaroo's new family addition!

Welcome to the family Luciana Railey Ladue!

(Gus and Frank last summer, oh what a fine canine brother and cousin each will be!)

Friday, July 17, 2009, not that kind...

Frank was rather delighted several days ago when it was announced that I had the morning off! We quickly packed it up and headed out for a full fledged romp in the grassy (though technically not "off-leash") area of the dog park....

Oh Frank! What a delightful field in which to roam!
Unfortunately, after this picturesque grass romp, Frank found a bit of something nasty in which to roll, the result being, of course, an impending bath upon arrival home.

Frank was not delighted by this development.

Here we see him flipping out at the notion of getting in the bath bin...

...and choking, rather alarmingly I must say, on the grass.
Oh, my.

Apparently, when Frank gets a wee bit over stimulated and engages in the pug scoot, it is not the best time simultaneously enjoy a delicious taste of lawn...

Eventually, Frank overcame the perils of his turfy snack and settled into what appeared to be a rather enjoyable soak,

followed by a delightful drying session in the sun with a bone.

Oh Frank, if only we could all be pugs.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Special Delivery

As followers may have noticed, blog posts have been few and far between. I am sad to say that trips to the grocery store have been almost as infrequent, much to the dismay of Frank who delights in the ritual of poking his head into each and every grocery bag in order to investigate the possibility of delicious contents.

Enter Amazon Fresh. We love Amazon Fresh. For a cost that is quite comparable to a regular grocery story one can go on line, click a few buttons, and the next morning wake up to a delightful delivery on the front porch (unless there is beer involved, then one actually has to answer the door and present their ID.) While Frank does miss the multi bag investigation, he has found his own way of exploring the Amazon Fresh bin.

Oh Frank. I do not think the folks at Amazon Fresh would approve at all.

At this particular moment he was quite heartbroken to have discovered that the bins were empty. He will not be nearly so sad in a few hours when he discovers that the ingredients for warm ginger snaps and whipped cream were tucked inside...