Friday, September 30, 2011

Settling In!

Well, Bean has arrived!

That is the good news, the bad news is that he brought a bladder stone with him. BEAN! You are supposed to be the healty one! He does have his cast off however, and has been getting into all sorts of trouble with his brother.

First and foremost, he has met a new pack of friends with his delightful dogwalker "P"! Oh Frank and Bean! Your coats are so smooth and uncurly compared to your new friends, perhaps we should get you a curling iron! Well, at least your tails make up for the lack of curl in your coats...

We also taught my 2 year old neice a new word: vulture. She was confused when I explained that it was a kind of bird that acted like this:

Then, as it was rather hot, I left the screen door closed while I ran an errand.

I came home to find this:

Um.... fortunately my cabin leads into a fenced yard...

Frank and BEAN! You are very very naughty little rascals indeed!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hmm... Mobile Blogger

Ok, so the trouble with mobile blogger, as Frank and I have discovered, is that you can only have one picture per post - annoying for SURE, so, the following 3 posts are from our adventure to Berkely today! Oh Frank! So swanky near the big University. Please enjoy pictures 1,2, AND 3...

Picture #1

Frank, being very interested in a historical fact as he is, found a deligtful and traditional sun dial! (He may also have marked the sun dial just a little bit in his own special way.) Oh Frank!

Frank was pretty sure that it indicated that it was dinner time...

Picture #2

Oh Frank and Cousin Gus were so excited to frolic into today's choice for exploration: Cesar Chavez park in Berkley. We did find it a WEE bit confusing as to which areas were on leash and which were off...

Picture #3

Oh FRANK! How very well travelled you are! At the end of the park we found ourselves with a rather delightful view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Though, it must be said, in this picture really what you see is the smog... if you peek just underneath you CAN make out a bit of the scenic element!

GUS! Yes, you are handsome too, and we SEE you sneaking into the edge of the frame with your long distinguished snout!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And in the meantime... Photo #4

Oh. My. Bean does not enjoy that he was left out. Back home with his dad. But fear NOT little Bean! You arrive on the airplane on FRIDAY!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poked eye and all!

Well. The bad news is of course that Frank poked his eye. The good news is that it does NOT appear to be slowing him down!

Oh Frank! What's that? You are VERY eager to go on all sorts of adventures with your new pug sitter P?

Here we see Frank peeking out of P's car wondering whatever delightful adventure could possibly be coming up next!

Oh Frank! You ARE so handsome, poked eye and all...

(and fear not, your sidekick Bean will be joining us soon!)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Who wants to guess where Frank is here?

Oh Frank. Sigh. MUST you poke your eye as SOON as we get to California?

Well, at least we have discoverd the veterinarians here! And I do believe he will be no worse for wear. Ophthalmologist on Monday, though not our beloved Dr. Sullivan from home :(.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I just got this text from my sister who is allowing the Frank to stay with her and her family during the day:

"Someone is being naughty."

A bit ominous as you may imagine. Then the picture rolled in:

FRANK! You do NOT belong on a small person's table and WHERE is that cheese stick that was just there! At least be sneaky and stay on the floor! You are a VERY bad pug!!!