Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Turkey Pick Up!

Here is a brief disclaimer - I have been trying to write and publish this post for HOURS, but as Blogger is an archaic piece of #$%& it keeps insisting the everything is centered. EVERYTHING IS NOT. I let you be the judge. Anyhow, I decided just to post it anyhow rather than throwing my computer against the wall, but that is why the layout is all a (NON CENTERED!!! mess. UGHHHHHHHHH)
Sigh. Here you go...

Now, some of you may remember this picture of a dismayed Bean showing off a turkey farm picture from The New York times...
Indeed Bean! Yucky!
We, on the other hand, feel fortunate to have a friend who is raising very happy turkeys at Castleberry Heritage Turkeys!
I have to be honest and say that this is not OUR turkey, Giblet, who was perhaps camera shy, but this is one of their fine specimens.
(Also - from here on out I can't get the layout right because Blogger is an archaic piece of %$*&. So sorry...)
So! Last Saturday we packed up the car and headed on a mini road trip to retrieve Giblet (we do not really like to think so much about the part where he had been butchered the day before, EEP!).

Frank, as you can see, is feeling rather put out that he was made (briefly) to ride in the back seat...
However, his dismay turned to jollity when we arrived at the farm!

(Oh Frank, but you are not a turkey! What if someone took you home and roasted you!?!)
The pugs met a new friend, Donna (the shih tzu, the human is Ginger Castleberry herself, who raised our delicious dinner AND is one of the more delightful, sassy, and smart people one might be fortunate to call a friend... but the pugs already knew her). 
Plus, in addition to hot cider for the humans, there were treats for all canine visitors!
AND it was so very beautiful!

Frank and Bean (naughty Bean, who I am rather dismayed to say is perched up there proudly after having sniffed out something less than savory, at least to humans, from the previous day's butchering activities... his inner wolf came out and tracked it!) are posing here in front of Whitehorse Mountain, which has the lowest elevation year-round glacier in the lower 48.
OH Frank! Fascinating! We DO enjoy and educational fact.
In a disclaimer, I must admit that we have not yet enjoyed Giblet, he is going to be eaten for Christmas because we flew to Colorado for  Thanksgiving, which is why this post is so very delayed!
Happy belated Thanksgiving from  Frank & Bean!