Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Frank!

Now, it is important to note, for all of those who may want to add Frank's birthday to their calendar, that Frank's birthday is NOT in fact today, but was rather on the 14th of August! August turned out to be a bit packed, which is why we have so many delightful stories saved up! 

We shall begin with a tour of Frank's birthday, which started out with a package of gifts sent from his Grandma!

Oh Frank! Who is such a lucky pug? There is even an extra toy for Bean!

We then proceeded to Frank's favorite dog park, where there was much frolicking to be had by all...

followed by a bath and drying in the sun (everyone should be fresh and clean for their birthday!!)...

Oh? What's that Frank? This is not quite pampered enough for your birthday? How about a chewie in the sun as well?

Much better!

And finally, at the end of a big day, rather than a birthday cake, someone got their favorite dinner of all: some fresh grilled salmon and skin.

Oh Frank! Delightful! Welcome to your seventh year!!! 
(don't worry, Bean got some salmon too...)