Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Little Bit of Sunshine!

It just so happens that Frank, Bean, and I do not live in a climate with a plethora of sunshine during the winter or spring (or sometimes several summer) months. Fortunately we have a vibrant and delightful group of friends and family who create so much brightness in our lives that we almost don't even notice the rain! 
However, it did so happen that one of our dear friends was feeling down last week and noted that the lack of sun as one of the reasons, so, we decided to create some sunshine of our own...


The Bean Beam! Guaranteed to warm even the coldest and rainiest of hearts!

BEAN! So charming you are! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gone Fishing!

Well, amid protests of "where did you go for so long?!!!", Frank, Bean, and I have come up with a new policy! 
From now on when we are going to be off line for more than a week we will announce the intention to disappear with the following signage:

Don't they look eager!!!? 

We attempted to take a photo of Bean dangling the fish from his tail, but it must be said that it looked RATHER inappropriate. 

So, no one fret, we are not headed offline yet, but henceforth you will now know what to look for!