Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Girl Scouts

Frank and Bean are perplexed.

And dismayed.
How is it possible that first, a year or two ago, the Thin Mint boxes shrunk and NOW, this year, the tubes of cookies don't even span the length of the new teeny tiny box? They are 2/3 at best!
Certainly the cost did not shrink with the boxes? Nor with the tubes?
Now, pugs of course are not allowed to eat a Thin Mint because of the chocolate, but the cookies DO live next to the dog treats; therefore each time a human enjoys a people cookie the pugs usually get a canine cookie as well. We wouldn't want them to feel left out. Thus the dismay at the lack of cookies/trips to the cookie jar.
The back of the box does mention that the Girl Scouts can earn their daisy leaf financial literacy badge... perhaps this is the lesson provided for good old American consumerism and profits?
Perplexed. And. Dismayed.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Over the last year there has been a wee cloud of loss descending on the adventures of  Frank and Bean. You see, as Frank approaches his older more debonair years, he seems to have acquired a slight bit of arthritis. While it is most possible to bring our sling or backpack along for walks and to scoop him up when he starts limping, 20 pounds of pug when you are a rather small human gets to be a lot after about 15 minutes or so. Delightful long walks up the hill and through the neighborhood and running local errands on foot where the pugs were greeted with delight and a biscuit seemed sadly to be a thing of the past.
And poor wee Bean, who is still young and needs some longer walks... just look at how dismayed he is!
Oh. Well. Maybe he doesn't seem THAT dismayed.
Never the less! A solution had to be found!
(Much to the dismay of a few fickle naysayers who may have quite rudely used the term ridiculous. Clearly they have never had the distinct pleasure of being charmed by a pug).
Et voila!
Pug stroller!!! Look! It even has a rain cover for local weather!! EEE!
Now, it must be said that I have a suspicion that this may have been a somewhat poorly made reject from the  world of human strollers... it perhaps would not live up to our rigorous safety standards, but we care not! We LOOOOOOOOOOVE it!
It is also a wee bit bigger than I had imagined, a detail that bothered me at first until I realized that there is room for groceries (though Frank then pokes his head immediately into those bags), beer, and/or any number of things too large or heavy to carry all the way home!
(NOTE: some people are less than delighted when they have graciously stopped for you and your baby and then see that, in fact, you are not pushing a delicate human infant but rather a stroller full of beer and pug.) 
(2nd NOTE: Some people are EXTRA delighted when they see that they have in fact stopped for a stroller of beer & pug!)
Some of the stroller's finer points:
Holders for  human water, canine treats, tennis balls, and poop bags... all highly accessible!

 On the way UP the hill, when Frank is getting his exercise, it seems that Frank can use it as a guide! It rolls along right in his very small field of vision! OH Frank! It has been so long since you pranced proudly out in front of us rather than on my heels!
OH! Just look at how proud he is!
 He is also ever so pleased and perky when it is time to ride home!
And there is Bean, getting his exercise...
Oh Bean. Now, it may happen that sometimes I feel a bit bad and Bean gets to go for a short ride....
But Bean! That is not for all of the time... you can ride more when you too become an older gent!
(To be fair, I had just worn him out throwing that very filthy ball many, many times at the park.)
And finally, so many riding options!
 For example when it rains:
A special peep hole at the back so that Frank can make certain I am still there!
Oh. MY! Frank & Bean, such delight!
Best. Purchase. Ever.