Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sniff N' Slurp

I'm pretty sure this post doesn't need any explanation beyond it's title...
( We recommend turning your volume up :) )

Yep. Sniff. And. SLURP.
Bean! You are so very loud when enjoying a delicious treat!
 ( I'm sad to say that after watching this through the blog, blogger does not do a good job transferring the sound.... :( )

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Definined by Frank!

At work we have a lovely pictorial dictionary which comes in very handy when you are trying to figure out the difference, say, between a saber and an epee... sometimes a picture just offers clarity that words alone cannot.

So! In the spirit of being helpful Frank likes to, every so often, pictorially assist in defining a word!

Today's word is: coordinate (in regards to articles of clothing, furniture and the like...):
Here we see Frank ever so stylishly leaving his tongue out in order to coordinate the design of the bedroom. Note how it matches the comforter and pillowcases almost perfectly while ALSO tying together the furry black accents. We also feel that the jaunty angle of the tongue pictured here gives a lovely nod to nonconformity... which we will have to define in another post.

Oh yes Frank, very helpful indeed!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

BETTER than Fiction!!

Every so often in life, two of the best things EVER combine and you can barely believe your great fortune at being alive to experience such rapturous delight... allow me to paint the scene:
Imagine that you are returning from a long day at work where you have been missing your pugs. After greeting your small furry beasts you proceed to the mail box to see if anything delightful may have arrived, and in fact you DO discover a rather unadorned package from an address which you do not immediately recognize. For a brief moment you wonder if perhaps it is from the unabomber before remembering that A) he is locked up in supermax somewhere in Colorado and B) it is MUCH more pleasant to think about someone sending you something lovely rather than imagining that someone sent you a bomb. Or anthrax.
So, with the reasoning behind letter B) in mind, I ripped that package right open! There could have been NO preparation for what I found...
PEOPLE!!! These are actually real!!!
Move over PB&J, ice cream & pie, Sex and the City & wine! The planet has a NEW best combination ever!!! (after Frank & Bean of course).
As you might have guessed Möpse is German for pug, or actually pugs, plural, I believe...
Ever so many thanks to our amazing friend Daphne who could not possibly have anticipated (actually she probably could) the extreme amount of joy that was felt in our hearts. I did promise one Möpse each to F&B who are quite fond of a gummy IF I can ever bring myself to open them.
Indeed Frank, it IS absolutely and unbelievably delightful!
We would like to give whomever brought this combination together a lick and a wag.
(Oh, Bean didn't want to feel left out of the photos and festivities...)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Easter Pug

Frank would like to audition for the role of Easter Bunny. Actually, he would like to replace the Easter Bunny as the Easter Pug... just LOOK at  how fine he looks in a pastel ribbon!
Now if I could just get him to carry a's hard with such a wee squishy faced muzzle!
Happy Belated Easter!