Thursday, October 9, 2014

SF - The Good & Bad #6

Now, many folks, especially those confronting an upcoming winter in the Northeast, may not agree with what Frank and Bean consider to be a bad this week... BUT keep in mind that they are pugs with short snouts and they DO tend to overheat and are rather uncomfortable.
So, this week's Bad:
90+ degree temperatures in October. People! What about the Fall??? And the crisp weather??? And the smell of leaves in the air and the colors on the trees?? I know, folks move here for the weather, but WE did not... did we Bean?
That's right, no we did not. BEAN, just look at how large and flat your tongue has to be!!!
Now, for the Good:
PUG MURAL!!! What??? Amazing. I mean. They aren't black but still.
I did try to pose the pugs in the exact position but...

Nope... close with Bean... Frank! Back up!

FRANK!!! Stand UP!
 Sigh, well... close enough
Here is a picture of the entire mural...
We are very pleased that it is modeled on one of our favorite pieces by Seurat...
(That little dog and his monkey friend are not NEARLY as cute as pugs!)
Oh Frank! Who is so fancy indeed!