Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo of the Day #5

Oh sad! The final photo of the day for the week! Frank was so sad that he decided to sit with me as I typed in the blog... so here we are!

Oh Frank! It must be your good side, how handsome you look!

And how helpful while I am trying to type on the computer...

We hope that you have all enjoyed the week of Frank!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo of the Day #4

I am rather afraid that, as well as being late, today's photo of the day is not too exciting. Seeing as how I was out of town last night, Frank went to work with his dad for the day, and though I am told that he frolicked about and created all kinds of havoc, he was only captured at rest under the desk.
Oh Frank. You are very helpful at work indeed!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo of the Day #3

This morning, as I was getting dressed pre-walk, I heard something akin to pug shrieking coming from the living room. Thinking that Frank was dying, I quickly ran in to discover this:

Look very closely at the tree (which is on the floor due to a snafu that our cleaning person had with the table...).

Occasionally, being an only child, Frank plays by himself by flinging Gentle Pig up into the air and then chasing him when he lands. I can only imagine that this is what happened here -
the small swatch of pink that can be seen in the tree would be Gentle Pig, to whom Frank could not get from either the ground or the couch.

Oh Frank. Quite the conundrum!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo of the Day #2

Normally, when I start to gather the leash for our morning walk, Frank frolics about behind me eagerly.

Not so this morning:

It is my belief that Frank overheard a wee conversation that his dad and I were having about my upcoming trip to San Francisco; sadly a trip on which Frank will not be joining me. Though I tried to get my bag out on the sly, that one eye is actually quite quick, and now what we have is a very sulky pug.

Oh Frank! However could you have learned to be such a drama queen?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Photo of the Day

For the enjoyment of Frank followers everywhere, this week we have decided to post a photo of the day from Frank's morning walk each and every day! At least through Friday.

Today's feature: The giant sunflower....

Oh Frank! It's as if you are a wee pug in Alice and Wonderland.

This weekend, as I was making the delicious broccoli salad recipe given to me by one of Frank's favorite humans, Anna Franzen, I had an unfortunate incident with a spill of dry roasted sunflower seeds. Frank was thrilled and immediately inhaled them.

I like to think that as he was sniffing about the fine specimen of immensity pictured above, he was hoping that some seeds would fall... though it must be said that one is almost always disappointed by the shells as well as the lack of salt found on a fresh sunflower seed.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

For a while now, Frank's dad and I have been discussing a seeing eye friend for Frank. We fear that, as it is compromised already, it is only a matter of time before his one good eye is not so good anymore.

I do not think this is what Frank had in mind:

Oh Frank! Whatever is that creeping around your floor?
While Frank and I were on a walk with the delightful mom of Snackler (sadly, Snackler was not along for the visit) we ran into a woman who had found a tortoise wandering the street of a neighborhood - clearly not a wild creature.
We named him Edward for the meantime, and brought him along home to commence the search for his owners. Many signs and interesting responses from Craigslist later, I am pleased to say that Edward (in fact named Scuttle and owned by a very darling 6 year old boy) has been returned to his rightful owners, and Frank is pleased and hopeful that there will soon be a canine replacement.

Monday, September 7, 2009


... sort of. Frank did not get to join us on our visit back east, which means that it hardly qualifies as a vacation as one can never truly enjoy oneself while missing a handsome one eyed-pug.

While on our tragically Frank free visit, we ventured out to our favorite delightful and independent Cape Cod pottery shop, Jobi, to purchase a present for the wonderful parents of Osa, who had agreed to take a snoring and rather disruptive pug for an entire week. Upon arrival we discovered, joy of joys! that they just happened to be featuring doggie bowls!

Oh Frank! What a lucky find! This one was immediately snapped up and purchased for the poor abandoned grandpup by his grandmother Railey, never one to let any pug feel neglected for long!

At first Frank seemed somewhat less than enthused about his new gift...

...thinking perhaps that he would have preferred some delicious salt water taffy.

However, his attitude perked up quite perceptibly at dinner time...

Oh Frank! How scrumptious that dinner must be out of your fancy new bowl!

Upon first trial, the depth did seem to throw him a bit as he flipped kibble up and about over the edges, but being the fine evolutionary beast that he is, Frank overcame the trouble and cleaned the bowl all the way to the signature Jobi fish in the bottom!

Oh Frank! Yum yum!

It must be said that during our time on The Cape, there were sharks seen off shore. The news said that they were in an area frequented by seals, but I am pretty sure that they would have been delighted with such a tasty appetizer of Frank.
Perhaps it is best that he did not go along after all!