Saturday, September 12, 2009

For a while now, Frank's dad and I have been discussing a seeing eye friend for Frank. We fear that, as it is compromised already, it is only a matter of time before his one good eye is not so good anymore.

I do not think this is what Frank had in mind:

Oh Frank! Whatever is that creeping around your floor?
While Frank and I were on a walk with the delightful mom of Snackler (sadly, Snackler was not along for the visit) we ran into a woman who had found a tortoise wandering the street of a neighborhood - clearly not a wild creature.
We named him Edward for the meantime, and brought him along home to commence the search for his owners. Many signs and interesting responses from Craigslist later, I am pleased to say that Edward (in fact named Scuttle and owned by a very darling 6 year old boy) has been returned to his rightful owners, and Frank is pleased and hopeful that there will soon be a canine replacement.


Anonymous said...

Is frank trying to defend himself from Edward with a stuffed chicken?

Frank's People said...

Well, it's a rooster, but possibly....