Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where's Frank?

Oh dear, it has been such a very busy week between Frank's adventures, a visit from Frank's cousin Gus, crazy business at work, and visits to both of our very favorite veterinarians (one in a rather emergency situation) that there have not only been a lack of updates, but also rather dismaying spelling and grammatical errors in the previous posts... corrected now I do hope...

Allow me to present a preview of what's to come in the recap of the last week:

Now, would you like to guess who may have snorted something like this up his nose? Backwards? So that the barbs would not allow it to be pulled out?:

Think very hard.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Silent Treatment

Someone is displeased.

After a jubilant greeting upon our return from the beautiful (though sadly pug free) wedding of a most dear friend in Long Island, Frank proceeded to glare at his dad and I, then assumed this position for the rest of the afternoon.

Every so often, if we perhaps tried to talk amongst ourselves or leave the room, this stance was embellished by a loud sigh.

Oh Frank, it is so very hard to be a pug...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some good news and some bad...

Oh Frank. You do not look pleased.

I am sad to report that over the last few days Frank has slowly been breaking out in hives.

They started out around his shoulders a couple of days ago and I assumed that they were from summer allergies. Yesterday, however, when they moved to his head, I was truly alarmed.
I think we can all agree that no one enjoys an itchy head.

The first course of action was to give him a pug sized dose of Benadryl. The good news about this is that one of my extremely enjoyable work colleagues was just telling me that her favorite posts about Frank were the ones involving food, in particular when there is an oyster cracker featured. In the very same conversation it was revealed that not only did my colleague feel that there are few things better than peanut butter, but that Frank also seems to believe that there are few things better in the whole world than peanut butter. Herein lies the good news: it just so happens that the perfect vehicle to give a pug a Benadryl (make sure you know the correct dose from your veterinarian) is a dollop of peanut butter on an oyster cracker!

OH FRANK! Whoever knew that your tongue was so expandable!
(You may want to know that the licking went on for a full minute after this video ended...)

It must be said that I do enjoy a video of Frank, (I am sorry for the clanking and the sound quality, but I do recommend having sound for maximum enjoyment, especially for today's features) though the peanut butter oyster cracker is still not quite as enjoyable as the regular smacking lips involved with the ingestion of a plain oyster cracker - allow me to present my evidence for the above statement, and do feel free to cast your own votes:

Oh Frank! What a handsome pug you are with your oh so smacky lips!

I am pleased to report that as this post was being written we solved the case of Frank's hives. Thanks to our neighbor, Jake the Golden Retriever's dad, I realized that though I had bathed Frank after taking him for a swim in the sea, I had NOT washed his collar, which I had removed for the bath! Oh what a bad mom.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frank's Best Picture Ever....

OH MY!....

What a photogenic pug we have here in his doggles!
I realize that there have been other doggle pictures in the past, but I do think this one really shows off what a suave and debonair canine Frank can be!

And such FINE accessorising! OH Frank, you do look rather handsome in red.

The picture was taken last week on our way home from Frank's favorite doggie beach.

Pugs generally are not water dogs, but for some reason Frank LOVES this particular spot. His enthusiasm was increased even more by the discovery of this delightfully fit shepug! (I am embarrassed to say that I forgot her name - though I remember it was charming.)

Some favorite activities of the day included:

running in synchronized aquatic circles of joy,

group ocean tasting,

generalized frolicking,

and pug tag through delightful tide pools of muck and mire...

Oh my - let's pause for a close up action shot:

Oh FRANK! Such leaps and bounds!!!

I dare say it is rather time for a bath. What a tough and rugged pug you are!