Monday, April 22, 2013


Oh Frank! Rise and shine! It is time to go check your eyeball out with your very favorite veterinarian in all the world!

Here we see Frank watching the door like a hawk, as he can hear said favorite veterinarian on the other side of the door, most certainly with delicious treats in hand... 
Though Frank's eye needs a little care and a change of drops, he is doing pretty well, and we DO enjoy a visit to see the rock star of veterinary ophthalmologist who just yesterday was seeing such patients as a polar bear and walrus! What?!

Hmm... I wonder if at times we seem at all rather dull in comparison....

Oh Frank!!! INDEED, what a preposterous suggestion!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pug Care 101 #1 - The Nose Roll

I am sad to report that coming up in the near future I will be leaving the pugs for a whole 9, 9! days. While I am away, they will be cared for a by a delightful young lad who will be staying with them as well as by my extraordinarily competent and pug loving roommate. However, there seemed to be a lot of words needed to explain all of the pug care, so I decided to make videos! And why not post them on the blog for all of the Frank fans to enjoy as well!

So, here we go: #1 Nose Roll Cleaning!

Supplies needed:
-1 thin washcloth, quite wet with WARM water - shown here in light green/teal
- 1 dry washcloth - shown here in blue
- 2 delicious treats!

And here we go!:

OH so CLEAN!!! 
Now, here is the order in case you missed it.

1) Wet cloth --- get in there thoroughly!
2) Treat (feel free to call him back should he wander away after... use second treat as bait if needed.
3) Dry cloth --- Frank (and Bean) quite enjoy this part, back and forth a few times please!
4) Treat followed by scratches and love.

Viola! Look at all that nose roll yuckiness! Nose roll cleaning should be done every other day at least. And while you want to realllllly get all the way in there, because a lot of the goop gathers at the back, you do not want to be too forceful and scrape the nose roll raw!

(Every so often I also use a stronger cleaning agent, but I believe the pugs will be OK for the 9 days... sigh, though I am not certain that I will... PUG WITHDRAWAL!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet

The Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet!

Ladies and gentlemen! Moms and dads! Prepare yourselves for the revelation and relief for which you have been longing! (and longing, and longing…) 
Are you the proud parent of a preschooler who has recently reached the magical milestone of graduating to a “grown up bed”? A delightful moment of pride and joy!
That is, until bedtime.
Ummmmmmm, what? There are no more crib railings to keep someone in bed? New concerns regarding safety from monsters combined with the necessity to come and retrieve someone for just ONE more song or story abound? At your wits end coming up with ways to keep your most beloved small person in bed? Please, please just stay in bed?

Look no further!
Introducing the Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet!!! (Shown here in action during afternoon quiet time):

The Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet offers soft warm companionship! It is the perfect friend to whom a wee tyke share stories with minimal interruption yet big-eyed interest! It keeps both loneliness AND monsters at bay (do not un-delude your preschooler by informing them that unless the monster is the size and shape of a dog biscuit the pug magnet will probably NOT devour it.)

Directions for use:
tell one small pug to "stay" cuddled up on the small human’s bed when making your exit for grown up time.
In experimental tests, the small human did not get out of bed! Not. Even. Once. 

Oh Bean! Your stock has gone up at your Autie’s household! She will be so eager to host you in the Bay Area next Fall!

Introducing The Magnificent Bean Magnet!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Please pardon our absence on Monday, Frank was taking a break!

Actually, he was hosting one of his human cousin's who kept us all delighted and running... and then he collapsed! 
Fear not! We will be back on Friday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Taste Test!

Oh Frank and Bean! What is that? You have recently discovered the PERFECT sized delicious pug treats?!? 
Indeed, these have to be specially brought to us by a friend who, after MUCH hard work on the part of the pugs - wide eyed stealthy snuggling technique being the tool primarily employed - seems to have rather been won over by the handsome young pups!

Sojo's Dog Treats come in a variety of flavors and are the perfect size for a pug! They can even be broken down into 3 tiny treats for training! 

Oh! Frank and Bean! 

Given that there were 2 flavors which the boys were enjoying, I thought it might be good to do a simple taste test! On the left side we have PB & J, and on the right Blueberry Cobbler...

Time to hedge your bets!:

BEAN!!! NO! You are VERY bad and greedy!!
Blueberry seems to be the winner! However, in the interest of fair play, I thought we best do a second round with the position of the treats switched!

Yum, yum!! Blueberry Cobbler it is! Oh Frank and Bean! Delicious!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good Morning!

What? What do you mean it's time to get up?

Oh Frank! You are so handsome when you are sleepy and disgruntled!

Monday, April 1, 2013


We would like to apologize for this tardy email, but I was out of town visiting Frank and Bean's Grandma and Grandpa for Easter, but fear not! Grandma sent back an Easter Basket!!




At first the focus stayed with the edible treats....

(here we see Bean from the treat's angle) :

Bean! You are so intimidating and focused when you are hunting!

Quickly, however, the boys became rather enamored with their new organic squeaky toys! Organic Turtle and Organic Spot!

Treats and play were followed by some well deserved rest (and a little bit of hoarding by Frank)...

Oh Frank and Bean! Happy Easter!