Monday, April 15, 2013

The Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet

The Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet!

Ladies and gentlemen! Moms and dads! Prepare yourselves for the revelation and relief for which you have been longing! (and longing, and longing…) 
Are you the proud parent of a preschooler who has recently reached the magical milestone of graduating to a “grown up bed”? A delightful moment of pride and joy!
That is, until bedtime.
Ummmmmmm, what? There are no more crib railings to keep someone in bed? New concerns regarding safety from monsters combined with the necessity to come and retrieve someone for just ONE more song or story abound? At your wits end coming up with ways to keep your most beloved small person in bed? Please, please just stay in bed?

Look no further!
Introducing the Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet!!! (Shown here in action during afternoon quiet time):

The Magnificent Bean Bed Magnet offers soft warm companionship! It is the perfect friend to whom a wee tyke share stories with minimal interruption yet big-eyed interest! It keeps both loneliness AND monsters at bay (do not un-delude your preschooler by informing them that unless the monster is the size and shape of a dog biscuit the pug magnet will probably NOT devour it.)

Directions for use:
tell one small pug to "stay" cuddled up on the small human’s bed when making your exit for grown up time.
In experimental tests, the small human did not get out of bed! Not. Even. Once. 

Oh Bean! Your stock has gone up at your Autie’s household! She will be so eager to host you in the Bay Area next Fall!

Introducing The Magnificent Bean Magnet!

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