Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pug Care 101 #1 - The Nose Roll

I am sad to report that coming up in the near future I will be leaving the pugs for a whole 9, 9! days. While I am away, they will be cared for a by a delightful young lad who will be staying with them as well as by my extraordinarily competent and pug loving roommate. However, there seemed to be a lot of words needed to explain all of the pug care, so I decided to make videos! And why not post them on the blog for all of the Frank fans to enjoy as well!

So, here we go: #1 Nose Roll Cleaning!

Supplies needed:
-1 thin washcloth, quite wet with WARM water - shown here in light green/teal
- 1 dry washcloth - shown here in blue
- 2 delicious treats!

And here we go!:

OH so CLEAN!!! 
Now, here is the order in case you missed it.

1) Wet cloth --- get in there thoroughly!
2) Treat (feel free to call him back should he wander away after... use second treat as bait if needed.
3) Dry cloth --- Frank (and Bean) quite enjoy this part, back and forth a few times please!
4) Treat followed by scratches and love.

Viola! Look at all that nose roll yuckiness! Nose roll cleaning should be done every other day at least. And while you want to realllllly get all the way in there, because a lot of the goop gathers at the back, you do not want to be too forceful and scrape the nose roll raw!

(Every so often I also use a stronger cleaning agent, but I believe the pugs will be OK for the 9 days... sigh, though I am not certain that I will... PUG WITHDRAWAL!

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