Monday, September 29, 2014

SF - The Good & Bad #5

Okay, The Bad:
Now, as we all know, Frank is as up for as good time as anyone, HOWEVER, when we walk to our closest large park on a Sunday morning, we are astounded by the number of beer bottle caps on the grass. ASTOUNDED. On our little trek alone across the lawn I counted 107. Yep 107.  And we only walked from here:

(that's right Frank, we do turn our nose up at littering, though who can blame someone for wanting a beer on a sunny day at the park... pick up your caps people!):
to that pack of pups you see behind us (blown up here.):
107 folks... 1.0.7.
And 4 joint butts. Actually though, no cigarettes, so there is that. Thanks for the healthy lungs SF.
The Good!:
They actually have a drinking fountain specifically for dogs at this park.
INDEED Bean! Hydrate up! Also enjoyable is the fact that the button to run the water for your dog is at human height.
Sadly I did not re-document the fact that Frank will NOT drink from the canine fountain and rather must be held up to the human one...
Let us all recollect this FINE moment when he was sharing a drink with his cousin Gussie in Colorado (who is most sadly recovering from a rather unfortunate surgery and is in a cone this week... yipes!)

Oh Frank... Such a finicky pup you are!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

SF - The Good & Bad #4

The Bad:
It appears that for all intents and purposes San Francisco allows folks who have no where else to go to pitch tents on the sidewalks.
Bean is dismayed that he is not encouraged to sniff the trees, or anything really, along this route...
Yes Bean, my sentiments exactly.

AND it is important to be understanding and to remember how lucky we are, but we still just feel a wee bit of concern as far as safety and sanitation are concerned.
However! The Good:
At the end of this tent lined street lies a delightful treat for me! Blue Bottle is our very favorite, though it does make me feel a bit disloyal to Seattle...
AND pug are welcome inside!
Oh Frank & Bean, delicious!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

SF - The Good & Bad #3

Now, seeing this picture you might think that Bean is paying tribute to something worshipful in front of him (there is, in fact a treat) but what we are really looking at is the gum. On his foot. Welcome to the Good and Bad of San Francisco #3. And here is how Bean really feels about it, when no treat is involved:
Yep, that's right Bean. Disgusting.
And now for the good! Whenever Frank and Bean have to stay in Oakland, as they did when I had to return briefly to Seattle this last week, they get to revisit their favorite dog walker Aunt P! And to go for adventures with their old pack :)
Indeed Bean, much better than gum on the foot...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SF - The Good & Bad #2

Today we will start with the Bad:

I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Like when you graduate from college and can't afford a bed frame. Except I never slept on a mattress on the floor after college, well, because my parents just couldn't stand to see that happen. Anyhow, here we are, reverting now that I am truly a grown up on my own.

The Good!:
Frank can easily access the "bed"!

You know how most dogs freak out a bit when the vacuum comes out? Well, as a testament to how fond he is of the new "bed" setup, Frank has decided that he not only need banish all fear, but in fact he will completely ignore the loud creature that is greedily sucking up all of the hair with which he had so graciously and copiously adorned the room...

Thank you Bean, for acting like a normal dog. Very refreshing.
Oh Frank! So very zen you are in your little cozy coat.

Monday, September 15, 2014

San Franciscio... The Good & Bad #1


Many people other than me carry their dogs in bags!


This. Is where Frank has to try to poop. This is it. For blocks. So, I have taken to carrying him a half mile to a park. Bean walks. Now, they will at least pee on this tree and may I JUST say that I picked this one because it is a family friendly blog and most of the trees in my neighborhood do NOT have family friendly trash around them in the morning. Use your imaginations.

Here is a longer street view:

Yep. Pretty.

However! To leave things on a positive note:

3 blocks away... Street Waffles!
Clearly Bean is a fan.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to San Francisco

 Well. Frank and Bean are back in San Francisco. We've been in a bit of a slump as we are rather homesick and do not want to be here. I know that people love SF, but I find it dirty and rather entitled, and Frank dislikes the lack of grass in our "hip & grungy" (read: loud & dirty) neighborhood... that's right, we are haters... BUT... what better way to buck up and move on than to blog about it! And to try to find something positive! The good and the bad - and we only have 3 more months before we head HOME!!
So, the good in the picture below is that leashes seem rather optional at parks here in SF.
Run little pugs! Run free!
The bad news is that while frolicking off leash, it is entirely possible that your pug (Bean) will discover a left over piece of sushi or a joint left on the grass from the night before. I have fished both out of his mouth this week. Also, homeless people do not like to share their breakfast with a matter how cute.