Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to San Francisco

 Well. Frank and Bean are back in San Francisco. We've been in a bit of a slump as we are rather homesick and do not want to be here. I know that people love SF, but I find it dirty and rather entitled, and Frank dislikes the lack of grass in our "hip & grungy" (read: loud & dirty) neighborhood... that's right, we are haters... BUT... what better way to buck up and move on than to blog about it! And to try to find something positive! The good and the bad - and we only have 3 more months before we head HOME!!
So, the good in the picture below is that leashes seem rather optional at parks here in SF.
Run little pugs! Run free!
The bad news is that while frolicking off leash, it is entirely possible that your pug (Bean) will discover a left over piece of sushi or a joint left on the grass from the night before. I have fished both out of his mouth this week. Also, homeless people do not like to share their breakfast with a matter how cute.

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