Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SF - The Good & Bad #2

Today we will start with the Bad:

I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Like when you graduate from college and can't afford a bed frame. Except I never slept on a mattress on the floor after college, well, because my parents just couldn't stand to see that happen. Anyhow, here we are, reverting now that I am truly a grown up on my own.

The Good!:
Frank can easily access the "bed"!

You know how most dogs freak out a bit when the vacuum comes out? Well, as a testament to how fond he is of the new "bed" setup, Frank has decided that he not only need banish all fear, but in fact he will completely ignore the loud creature that is greedily sucking up all of the hair with which he had so graciously and copiously adorned the room...

Thank you Bean, for acting like a normal dog. Very refreshing.
Oh Frank! So very zen you are in your little cozy coat.

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