Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well, the other day I thought that perhaps a Jawa (one of those nasty creatures from Star Wars) had climbed into my bed. If you do not know to what I am referring may I suggest that you click this word below?:

Yep. I think a Jawa for sure.

Bean! I just made that bed!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Heater...

Oh Frank! What's that you say? You aren't going to move from your spot by your new heater for the rest of the day? But whatever could be the reason?

Reason #1

Umm... what is happening?!

Reason #2

Oh Frank! Is there snow in your eyeball?!

(PS - I do not enjoy that each e-mailed photo needs its own post. Sigh. Technology. Frank finds it to be overrated.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where's Frank?

And for special bonus points see if you can also find Bean!

(answers to be posted tomorrow)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well. That was quite a Fall in the Bay Area.
 Not only did I neglect the blog, but I fear the pugs as well. Far fetched became my dreams of a Frank goes to San Francisco series... If not for their faithful Aunt "P" who came to them every weekday, and my amazing sister who came to them every night and weekend, I don't know what I would have done! (see the end of this post for "P"'s incredibly sweet - and very dashing photographic - tribute to the boys).

Allow me to summarize
I worked
Frank poked his eye
I worked some more
Frank and Bean ate some treats from their toddler sized human cousins and caused mayhem
I worked some more
Bean got a bladder stone (since dissolved, thank you special diet)
I worked some more
We road tripped home with a delightful stop in Ashland with Frank's biggest fan D!
We all flew to Grandma/pa R's in Colorado for  Christmas!!!!

Please enjoy handsome and festive photos below:

Why yes Bean, you do have to have a bath to prepare for your trip! No one enjoys an unfestive pug smell at Christmas time!
(No one enjoys an unfestive pug smell at Christmas time)

Both Frank and Bean had baths but forgave the grudge as soon as not one, but TWO travel houses appeared - I didn't even have to ask them to climb in....
Although sometimes, it would seem, Bean got lonely in his...
Oh Frank. It is very hard to be an older brother, but
 You are such a debonair and well worn traveller!

Good thing we brought the pug coats! Our first stop when we landed was to visit a friend at her snowy homestead - Frank and Bean met their first horses ever and seemed rather unphased I am proud to say...
(Actually they spent most of their time eating snow. Bean thought he had found a buffet.)

After enjoying a delicious invitation to Christmas dinner,

Frank retired to his favorite spot in the world!
(Yes, Gentle Pig did make the trip)

Bean found one of his own...
 (Bean! If only your tiny head and giant eyeballs didn't look so festive in accessories!)

A few fun filled days later Bean wondered why he had to fly home :( ...

(Oh Bean, it is not your fault, the airline will only let each person carry one handsome pug, and your dad had to get back to work!)
For Frank, however, the celebration continued...

Oh, what's that Frank? The ground is too cold for your paws? You think you might like to ride along in this nifty double stroller? Sure thing! 

 His wee human cousin seemed delighted by the company and Frank refused to get out once he realized that he could be rolled along in luxury...

  (I am NOT buying Frank a stroller. Though if I did, Bean could join him in a double one... hmm...)

Oh Frank. It's a good thing your dad went home so he could overnight us your eye drops when we ran out!

And then! What delight!!! A visit from Frank's first friend ever and the love of his life, SNACKLER who moved to Colorado two years ago, effectively breaking his heart! 
 (If you say "Where's Snackler" he will run to the front door and cry. We don't do that often. Very mean. There were no still photos to post. Too much wriggling in joy.)

Oh Frank! What big times you have had!!!

 Happy New Year!!!

Click below for Aunt "P"'s photo's from Oakland! (If anyone EVER needs pet care in the East Bay, please let me know!)

Oh Frank and Bean. Your life is very rough indeed.