Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh my! What could be better than a morning in bed with coffee, the paper, and two small pugs? It it was so delightful that I didn't even want to get up to answer the phone when it rang...

After all, who would want to leave this?

However, fearing that the call may be important, I covered Frank's chilly little legs and very straight tail, and headed out of the room.

Here is what I found upon my return:

Do you notice anything different?
Perhaps if I zoom in.

Why Bean. What might that be all over your face? You LOOK as though you haven't moved at all...

... and yet, you are staring so intensely at my delicious cup of coffee.

Bean! You might be very, VERY bad. If you are going to sneak your mom's coffee you are most decidedly going to need to slurp much more neatly!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I believe this is what "the cold shoulder" looks like when attempted by a pug:

Someone is not at ALL pleased. I do believe we can safely assume that it has something to do with the latest brilliant artistic feat presented to us by Frank sticker creator, the delightful and talented BSS.

Yes indeed, the rumors are true! Bean has his very own sticker (based on his first bathtub experience, included below for those who might not remember!)


But Frank! Do not fear! The blog still has your name, and after all, the Bean is just a sidekick! Every hero needs a sidekick!

And don't you two make a smart looking pair!

Frank, it would seem, remains unconvinced.

Oh Frank, whoever taught you to be so dramatic?
It is so very hard to be a pug.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sleep. Or the lack thereof...

I seem to not be sleeping very well these days.

I wonder why?

Click here for a clue:
(you are listening, cause you can't see anything in the dark. At midnight. When I am trying to sleep)

I am sad to say that that is not Bean. Nor is it Frank's dad.

Well Frank. At least YOU appear to be well rested...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Letter From Gus

Dear Frank and Bean,

How are things up north? It is very sunny here and I love to chase all of the squirrels in my new backyard. I wanted to tell you about this super neat treat machine that my mom and dad brought home. It was sort of broken for the first year, and mom and dad spent a LOT of time trying to fix it when it made loud noises. But NOW! Oh boy. All I have to do is follow it around and sit under its chair and there is a constant flow of treats dispensed!
AND its favorite game is to dig through my bin of dog kibble, put some pieces in a bowl, and then dump the bowl out for me! Mom and dad don't like that game so much. I've enclosed a picture of me and the machine, which is just about to dispense a delicious piece of cinnamon toast, in case you want to look for one of your own:

Pretty spiffy, huh?!

Anyhow, I hope that you are well. Please come visit soon and you can have some treats of your very own! Mom and dad are even thinking of bringing a new treat machine home in December just in time for Christmas! Neat!

Much Love,
Your cousin Gus!