Sunday, June 21, 2009


Oh dear. Well, Frank has indeed been missing in action these last few weeks as work has been a bit overwhelming, and rather than spending any of my free time on the computer I have been trying to plug in some quality time with a very handsome one eyed pug. Fear NOT however, Frank has not spent any of this time overly neglected! Just today, in fact, we discovered his new favorite treat, one that I highly recommend for pugs and people alike - Red Mango.

Oh Frank. Delicious. Red Mango is a delightful frozen yogurt shop that actually serves frozen yogurt, and they offer a wide array of fresh, not thawed, fruity toppings as well. Frank enjoys the fresh blueberry topping, but it is important to squelch it before giving to him, otherwise he is likely to swallow it whole which leads to an alarming bit of gagging. Also delightful is that it seems the regular sized cup was designed especially for the purpose of a small pug head fitting in perfectly for a perfectly delicious lick or two.

What a thoughtful company indeed to have designed something so delicious AND pug friendly!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's Frank?

Remember Where's Waldo?, an excellent children's book from the 80's? Well, perhaps it is time for a new book: Where's Frank?

Oh Frank. You are SO very sneaky!
Here is seen waiting very patiently while I purchase a delightful cup of coffee from one of our favorite local coffee shops. I am sad to say that a coffee foray is about our only exciting adventure these days due to his mom's rather frantic work schedule....

Never the less, stay tuned for some up to date installments of Things That a Small One Eyed Pug Can Hold with His Tail.