Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Surprise Visitor!

Well, I am pleased to announce that we had a surprise visitor today, the sunshine!

I did not start off the day as a very gracious host to our guest, rather I began working at my desk. However, after getting up for a final cup of coffee, I returned to my seat to find this...

Oh Frank! Whoever knew that a pug could glare so ferociously with only one eye?

I took this as a not so subtle sign that it might be time for an outdoor adventure.

We decided to try a new dog park that we had been hearing about, but were quite sad to find on arrival that most of it was closed off for construction. (Note the fence below... sad.)

Frank frolicked about, however, as best he could, and seemed to enjoy his time regardless of the restrictions when SUDDELNLY! we came upon the highlight of the day! You may recall that Frank is RATHER fond of drinking out of human drinking fountains (or bubblers as his Grandma Railey calls them), which is fortuitous as he will not drink out of a shared dog water bowl..(you may recall this picture from the summer with cousin Gusaroo):

Well! We discovered at this doggie park a pug sized bubbler!

Oh Frank! What's happening? You seem a bit confounded!

(Frank was a wee bit confused as he is usually held when presented with a bubbler, and he did manage to get squirted in the nose a time or two while trying to negotiate the distance to the spouting water with his rather limited depth perception)

Of course being a very clever pug he eventually figured it out and was quite delighted with his new favorite method of hydration!

Oh Frank! How refreshing indeed!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Arrives

Oh my. It seems that someone is rather less than enthusiastic about getting out of bed.

Frank has been rather dismayed the last several days due to the fact that fall, and with it the rain, has most decidedly arrived. Normally he is MOST eager to get out of bed for breakfast and a walk to the biscuit dispensing coffee shop. Not so on this morning!

However! Always one to look for a positive lining to a rainy cloud, Frank was RATHER pleased to discover that along with the fall and its gloomy weather came the delightful benefit of tasty Autumn Seasonal Brews!

Oh yes, Frank does enjoy a delicious lick of beer! Perhaps you would like to share with me the dulcet tone of Frank's tongue as it shlurps a drop or two from the bottom of the bottle...

(and yes, I do promise that it was only after it was quite empty - I do not advocate the giving of anymore that a tastearoo of beer to a pup...).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some VERY handsome pictures of Frank!

Oh my! Well, I am pleased to announce that the delightful Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Pet Photography has posted some pictures from Frank's big day on her blog!

Oh Frank! Who ever knew that with a real, amazing photographer you would look even MORE handsome!

There are also some pictures of Frank on the bike, though I am sad to say that it was his first foray in the pack and so we did not put the helmet on (it is not good to introduce too many things at once!).

Walter, who I am sure you will agree is also QUITE handsome, and Diza, who it must be said gave Snackler quite a run for her money as Frank's favorite Pugette, are also featured in some most flattering shots of them in all of their pugliness!

Please enjoy a visit here to see Frank's pictures:

and check out Jamie's other delightful pet photos!

Oh, and just so no one is sad because there are no pictures included here today, you might want to know that Frank's father has been a little jealous of how handsome Frank looks in his new helmet, and so went out and got one of his own...

Frank, as you can see, is not SO very impressed.
OH Frank! It is important not to be too judgemental! Not everyone can be as handsome as you are!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Frank's Big Outing!

Oh Frank! Look at what has arrived in the mail! It is the backpack to accompany your delightful bike helmet! No longer will you have to be left behind when I pedal around town! And WHAT a handsome pug you are in blue!

Frank's first foray in his new backpack was down to a park where, much to Frank's delight, he was one of several pug subjects invited to model for a photography seminar.

As you can see, Frank was quite a willing and eager subject. He does enjoy a bit of attention

OH Frank! Look at what a HANDSOME model you are!

Here we see Frank and two of the other MOST enjoyable pug models, Max, and a very lovely silver puggette whose name, I am sorry to say, that I do not know how to spell, so we will have to call her D. Frank was rather smitten with D, but that did not keep him from being front and center when a treat was at hand. Oh Frank, is that anyway for a gentleman to behave?

After this very full day (and I am sorry to say that I do not have a photo of Frank on the bike, but fear not, it will come soon) we rode home where a very tired pug immediately had to catch up on his beauty sleep.

Oh Frank. Being handsome certainly is hard work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Safety First!

With gas prices up the wazoo I am pleased to say that for my birthday this year I was the pleased recipient of a delightful commuter bike. I love it and would ride it everywhere save for one thing - there is no passenger seat for small pugs. Frank hates the bike. Knowing that he does not get to come along, whenever I get it out he hunkers down, straightens his tale, and does a very good job of looking quite neglected indeed.

Oh Frank! Whatever is a pug to do?
Well! Allow me to present the first in a series of clues as to how Frank will be able to enjoy my new commuter bike with me...

That's right Frank! Safety first, no one wants a small furry pug to injure their handsome little noggin!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frank's New New Friend

Oh Frank! Who is that handsome new friend you have there?

The other day when I was in the pet store purchasing some chewies for Frank, I was somehow convinced by the very nice staff that Frank needed a new friend. I had not yet gotten him a birthday present, so here we have Franks new interactive pig:

Interactive? What does that mean? Well, in this case it means that Frank joyfully gets to rip each and every Velcro attached limb from poor little Interactive Pig's body.

Now Frank, of course, wanted to forcefully shake the bujeezers out of Interactive Pig (as any respectable canine would) in order to speedily detach all of his limbs. This is not allowed. Heavy shaking could detach Frank's remaining retina causing him to go blind, and I think we can safely say that no one wants to see that occur.

The next acceptable method was to help Frank as he tugged away at each body part, however I am proud to say that Frank has since learned that if he stands on the head or leg and yanks the body, the limb quickly rips right off!

Oh Frank! What a clever pug.

Here we see Interactive Pig after an "interactive" play session.

Quite savage indeed.