Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some VERY handsome pictures of Frank!

Oh my! Well, I am pleased to announce that the delightful Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Pet Photography has posted some pictures from Frank's big day on her blog!

Oh Frank! Who ever knew that with a real, amazing photographer you would look even MORE handsome!

There are also some pictures of Frank on the bike, though I am sad to say that it was his first foray in the pack and so we did not put the helmet on (it is not good to introduce too many things at once!).

Walter, who I am sure you will agree is also QUITE handsome, and Diza, who it must be said gave Snackler quite a run for her money as Frank's favorite Pugette, are also featured in some most flattering shots of them in all of their pugliness!

Please enjoy a visit here to see Frank's pictures:

and check out Jamie's other delightful pet photos!

Oh, and just so no one is sad because there are no pictures included here today, you might want to know that Frank's father has been a little jealous of how handsome Frank looks in his new helmet, and so went out and got one of his own...

Frank, as you can see, is not SO very impressed.
OH Frank! It is important not to be too judgemental! Not everyone can be as handsome as you are!

1 comment:

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frank!
i think it is wonderful that you set such an excellent example of for your dad!
S A F E T Y! :)
emmitt an i love your helmet and pack. may i ask where you got them?
:) melissa