Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Surprise Visitor!

Well, I am pleased to announce that we had a surprise visitor today, the sunshine!

I did not start off the day as a very gracious host to our guest, rather I began working at my desk. However, after getting up for a final cup of coffee, I returned to my seat to find this...

Oh Frank! Whoever knew that a pug could glare so ferociously with only one eye?

I took this as a not so subtle sign that it might be time for an outdoor adventure.

We decided to try a new dog park that we had been hearing about, but were quite sad to find on arrival that most of it was closed off for construction. (Note the fence below... sad.)

Frank frolicked about, however, as best he could, and seemed to enjoy his time regardless of the restrictions when SUDDELNLY! we came upon the highlight of the day! You may recall that Frank is RATHER fond of drinking out of human drinking fountains (or bubblers as his Grandma Railey calls them), which is fortuitous as he will not drink out of a shared dog water bowl..(you may recall this picture from the summer with cousin Gusaroo):

Well! We discovered at this doggie park a pug sized bubbler!

Oh Frank! What's happening? You seem a bit confounded!

(Frank was a wee bit confused as he is usually held when presented with a bubbler, and he did manage to get squirted in the nose a time or two while trying to negotiate the distance to the spouting water with his rather limited depth perception)

Of course being a very clever pug he eventually figured it out and was quite delighted with his new favorite method of hydration!

Oh Frank! How refreshing indeed!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh frank you are so cuuuuutttte!
emmitt and i love you!
your bubbler looks so refreshing. emmitt wishes he could go there with you.
m & e

cousin gusaroo said...

Oh my, Frank's cousin does enjoy a picture of himself.

j said...

Oh Frank! You are so cute. Lovely little Cleo can't wait until next summer to get to know you.

Frank's People said...

Oh yes! Frank is VERY eager to meet Cleo! There will be much wiggling and snorting indeed by the little pug!