Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh my how we've grown!

Wait a minute! That's not Frank!

Oh Frank! There you are! And what's that you have with you? It seems that pull-apart-pig is wearing your very first puppy coat!

I tried to put this coat on Frank, but it doesn't even come close to going around his neck. Oh Frank! How you have grown! To think that this fine accessory used to HANG off of you!

I DO wish we had taken photographs of our first outing with Frank and his new coat to Central Park! Back when he was an East Coast Pug....

It is about 3 years to the day when I first talked to the "breeder" (translation - wretched woman who has no integrity and traffics in small furry lives with only feigned concern for their well being) and somehow thought she was a breeder (translation - delightful person with integrity who actually cares about her puppies and the breed).

However, we could not walk away from Frank, and are delighted by him every day! Well, almost every day...

If you would enjoy seeing some more handsome photos of Frank from the photo shoot - please click here:

Scroll all the way down for some shots him tucked into his bike backpack!:


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh frank is so wonderful!
he is so lucky to have such a wonderful family!
melissa and emmitt

laura said...

yay! I just discovered your blog today! I have a one-eyed black pug too! (but it's his right eye that's missing... and he's alot older cuz he has tons of gray around his mug). So awesome!

Frank's People said...

Frank is always eager for a new friend - and he is starting to get little white whiskers under his chin!