Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did Someone Say MORE Cake?!!!

OH FRANK! I do believe it's time to break out your bow tie!

Well, Frank is extremely delighted to announce that today the MOST delightful boyfriend of his favorite, and only, aunt, would officially be joining the family as the father of Gusaroo! And not only will Frank be gaining a MOST delightful uncle, but the proposal was EVEN carried out with the aide of Gusaroo! OH we DO enjoy! What a lucky bird dog Gus is to be gaining such a fine new father!!!

Frank, as you can see, is very fond of a snuggle with his uncle to be...

Oh Frank! What a comfy warm lap you have there!

You may recall how much Frank enjoyed a taste of cake at our wedding almost 2 years ago:

Oh Frank, so gentle and polite...

and SO handsome and demure....

Oh my. Well. We may have to do a little bit of brushing up before the celebration!

(Oh Frank you look so ferocious! Really this was Frank trying desperately to catch a crumb as it fell towards the ground!)

Welcome to the family Uncle Ben!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Frank, you are such a welcoming Pup! We are now outnumbered my males in the family.