Monday, October 20, 2008

A Change of Plan

Oh Frank! Look at how stylish you are in your Fall jacket that matches the leaves! Even if the sunshine is too bright to open your eye!

It has to be said that we have been having a lovely Fall these last 2 weeks. However, much to Frank's dismay, they have been rather busy weeks at work and we have not spent as much time in the sunshine as a small pug would like. So today I was quite eager to make it up to Frank with a long walk and lots of pug friendly outdoor errands.
We suited Frank up in his handsome yellow coat (also known as his rain coat with the hood unsnapped) and headed out the door.... be greeted with a rather sudden downpour. This did not please Frank. After coaxing him for a very brief walk we returned home where we tried to entertain ourselves. I am sad to say for Frank's waist line that this mainly included cleaning the house and sharing some snacks...

First we enjoyed some grapes that were almost the size of Frank's head. I was rather concerned that he might choke on them, so I made sure to have a firm hold...

Oh Yum Yum!

We then discovered that there was very little else to eat in the house and so moved on to what I like to call the time for the store noodles and butter dish. Frank enjoys a noodle, though it appears that the camera was sideways and I don't know how to flip the video about. Never the less you can still hone in on the wee pug's noodle hunting technique (just turn your head to the side a little....).

Oh Frank! So many talents you have in that little pug frame!

Perhaps the sun will be out tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Yay! More posts about food!


Erin W. said...

Frank is so cute! We also have a one-eyed pug and were so happy to come across your sweet little blog. You can check out ours here:

Looking forward to seeing more of Frank's adventures!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frank!
oh my goodness you are so cute! we love your videos and emmitt loves noodles and grapes too!
m & e