Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Oh Frank! You are looking rather displeased with your ears all at funny angles. Is it possible that you ate to many pumpkin seeds?

Last night was a night of joyous times for Frank as he was invited to his Godmother's house for a pumpkin carving party! For 5 hours he prowled about eating pumpkin innards and seeds - delicious! Frank does enjoy a party! (Sadly, I left my camera with its fresh new batteries on the table at home, but as pictures trickle in from others I will post them along!)

Here are some highlights for now:

One of the delightful neighbors, J, who must also be thanked for the pictures in this blog!, brought over a stencil or two for the pumpkins. Now, being a traditionalist I was a wee bit skeptical, but...

pretty good, I have to say!

J then printed out the MOST enjoyable stencil idea:

Oh Frank!
Of course we had to hand it over to BSS as the rest of us were rather daunted by the task.

OH MY!!!!!

Oh Frank! Look at that! A Jack - O - Lantern just for you!!!! Whoever could believe it!

Thank you again to BSS and his remarkable artistic talents! For those of you who might not live in the area, you may not be aware of the DELIGHTFUL and quite remarkable stickers of Frank also made by BSS, allow me to share:

Oh Frank! You ARE so handsome!

After the pumpkins were all carved up and put away Frank changed his hunting pattern...

Oh Frank, however can you have any room left in your little belly? That tasty pumpkin ale is not for you...

PS - if any of you are curious about the history of the jack-o-lantern here is a link!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frank!
oh what fun you all had! we love that drawing of you! you are so handsome!
m & e

frankfan said...

Oh, Frank...you are SO handsome and delightful!!

Your blog makes me smile (and sometimes laugh out loud quite shamelessly!) - such joy!

Sending you lots of love -

Chris said...

Gah! The "handsome" stickers are fantastic! Any chance you'll start selling FtOEP merch soon?

Frank's People said...

Well, I have to talk to the very talented designer of the stickers and pumpkin, BSS, but I do think we would enjoy a t-shirt and a mug or two!