Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Day After the Election!

Well, it must be said that Frank tries very hard to be a nonpartisan pug. He feels that everyone's opinion should be heard and he knows that there are many, many perspectives from which each situation can, and must, be viewed.

However, that being said, he does look mighty handsome in his new glasses and is VERY eager to support his new president!!!

Welcome to the White House President (Elect) Obama!!!


Anonymous said...

And we do hope the Obama family choses a Pug with Frank's personality to be the First Family Pug. Oh, such adventures on the white house lawn.

cousin gus said...

Oh my....Frank's cousin is very pleased with the election results too.

Puglette said...

Frank, you look fabulous in those glasses!

frankfan1 said...

Oh, Frank...your glasses are truly FAB!! My admiration for your handsomeness and allure grows every time your mommie posts a photo.... That you are so patriotic is most excellent!

With love from your fan, Daureen

frankfan1 said...

Oh Frank...your handsomeness is dazzling...the glasses are SO alluring! And your patriotism is most respectable...

With love from your fan, Daureen

j said...

Oh Frank,
you are so handsome in your glasses and you patriotism is so admirable!!!
We salute you and our ew president-elect President Obama.
J and Cleo

Frank's People said...

Oh yes! Frank was very hopeful when he heard that there was to be a new first puppy that it might be a pug! Sadly the first girls are allergic, so it may have to be a labradoodle! We are so pleased that our friends in other countries can be proud of us again and Frank hopes that the new president will help lure Cleo out from Germany next summer!

Janice said...

cleo is feeling most optimistic about the future and thinks a trip thó the great North West is a very good thing indeed!! She sends pugly cavalier greeting to Frank and is greatly looking forward to the pleasure of finally meeting Frank personally!
j and cleo