Sunday, November 9, 2008

What did I do?

What we have here is a rather delightful picture of Frank on pumpkin carving night.
The small piece of pumpkin on his lip is leftover from the gerbil sized piece that he discovered in the pink bowl in the background, which he subsequently tried to swallow whole. I then had the pleasure of fishing it out of his throat whilst he was gagging and choking....

Oh Frank... no one enjoys a glutton.


F®ån said...

Hi Frank!
My name is Fran, from Chile.
I'm the mom of Mateo, a three month old Carlino Pug. We had a really bad time strugle with both of his eyes. He scratched both and got injure a month ago. The treatment did go well of one of his eyes, but today, he lost the vision of an eye, because infection problems. We hope he doesn´t lost his eye at all, but it´s a big possibility.
I read your beautiful history and you don't even know how it help us to get through this. It has been a really hard time for us, but Mateo is growing strong, smart and cute, and at last, the eye problem is a detail compare with all the love and the funniest time that I've had with Mateo :)
We bought a Dogless Glasses today like yours! I hope to get them this week (we live really far away, and we don't a lot of dog's goodies down here).
If you have facebook, find Mateo Rivera Elorza to become friends.

Pug hugs to you!

Frank's People said...

Fran! We are so glad that you have rescued Mateo! Dogs are so adaptable - I wish that humans could be so positive and brave!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh frank!
i just want to hug you! you are so cute!
m & e

Erin said...

Frank you seem to always find the fun. We love ya cutie; we even put a link to ya on our blog. See you in the streets. Erin and Eden