Monday, November 24, 2008

The Well Traveled Pug

Well, Frank and I have had a very busy day packing for our trip.

Below we see pictured all of the necessary elements required for satisfactory pug travel:

  • 1 large bag of kibble. Frank's grandmother has kibble for him, but I failed to mention to her that during this fall's "why is Frank so itchy" episode, we switched from Original Formula to Venison and Sweet Potato Wheat Free Hypoallergenic Formula. You may be assuming from the title that his was not the most economic choice to make, and I would like to assure you that your assumption is correct. Also, the flight will be crossing over Frank's dinner time, and I think we can safely say that no one enjoys a hungry pug sulking very loudly under the seat.
  • 1 delicious cow hock for subtle chewing under the seat of the airplane - yum, yum!
  • 1 travel certificate from the vet. Frank's dad insists that I could just use the same one over and over, but Frank feels it is rather important to play by the rules... Oh Frank! How well behaved you are!
  • A travel water container with an Oh Frank sticker on it. This is to fill up once we are through security, we then pour the water into the ...
  • ...small Tupperware water container for in flight hydration.
  • Headless Turtle. We don't like to travel without Headless Turtle these days, Frank has taken to searching for both HT and Gentle Pig at night.
  • A very deceptive $50 dollar bill. One actually needs 4 of these. Wait, no, 5. One for the health certificate, 2 for the trip out, and 2 for the trip back. Having a handsome pug by your side, it turns out, is not really a bargain. And FYI, my paltry human airfare was only 22$ more.
  • Baggies - no explanation needed. We rather hope that we will never need these during a flight, but no need to court disaster just in case!
  • Two prescription eye drops. These will, of course, have to make the journey along with all of my lip gloss in my one quart plastic baggie.
  • One yellow doggie parka, represented by the hood here as the coat is in the wash so as to be sparkly and clean upon departure.
  • Gentle Pig. We do NOT leave home overnight without gentle pig; Frank will wander about at night for hours looking for him, no matter where we are.
  • 1 pug sized travel house - regulation size of course, to fit under the airplane seat.
and last but most decidedly not least:
  • 1 small furry pug - though I must admit, he is looking rather less small these days. Hmm. perhaps it is that Sweet Potato and Venison diet..
Oh Frank! What a handsome ready traveller you are!


Erin and Diza said...

oh Frank, you are too cute!
Diza loves her travel house as well, tho i'm afraid it's not quite as slick and pretty as yours.

victoria said...

pug #1 and pug #2 also became slightly more plump on the sweet potato and venison diet (it's been almost a year)... pug #2 has wheat/rice/flour allergies and becomes rather itchy if i try anything else :)
also, if you don't mind, they were inquiring as to where in Seattle we could get the Frank stickers?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Frank ~

You are such the handsome AND prepared traveler! You are certainly a man of the world!!! It is joyful to see you so well-prepared to be giving thanks with your family...

Sending you love and kisses on the lips, your fan ~ Daureen