Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ok folks! Hold your horses! It seems I have some followers who are very eager to hear about Frank's Christmas. I do apologize for the lack of posts in December, it seems I felt it was a good idea to take on 2 jobs, both delightful and fun, but perhaps a bit too much as it did not leave any extra time to deliver news of the boys!
So, with my apologies, I now present a pictorial diary of Frank's Christmas!

We began the morning with Frank and been helping me to unload my stocking.

No Frank! That is neither edible nor delicious.

Here we see Frank and Bean investigating the stocking's contents with hope in their hearts that something may be for them.

No boys, there is nothing there for you! But fear not! You have your own stockings! (Of course.)

Here we see the rather scattered result of the pugs exploring their socks.

But Frank, what are you looking at? (Bean, as you can see, was enraptured with a bone from his delightful pug walker Sara!) What about all of the goodies that surround you? No? You say you caught a whiff of this giant Milkbone from Grandma Railey and can't possibly focus on anything else?

Well, it's mighty big, but it is Christmas after all...

Oh Frank! Delicious! With Christmas music in the background and everything!

We then took a break from presents and had a little eggs Benedict for breakfast. It seemed only fair to include the pugs, and so each got their own plate to lick PLUS the addition of a fine piece of ham.

Oh the snorting that did occur.

After breakfast it was present time. Now, it is not that I wished to neglect the pugs, but by the time I had wrapped the people presents, paper was running a wee bit low, and as it turned out the boys did not mind a paper bag at all as they could wade right in for their Christmas bounty!

Well, Frank waded right in. Bean had a little trouble figuring out the mechanics of a paper bag. Oh Bean. It's a good thing your cute.

Here, surrounding The Bean, we see the new friends spread about (along with Gentle Pig, who is celebrating his 5th Christmas with Frank!).

Let's see, we have Squeaky Monkey (16 squeakers!), Christmas Penguin, New Puppy (just behind the lid of the box), New Pony (who has already lost 3 of his 4 legs), Tiny Beaver (just off the edge of the carpet), and Pink Hippo (not pictured).

Ah! Here is Pink Hippo at the end of the afternoon. It seems a very exhausted Bean fell asleep whilst chewing on her ear...

Oh! It does make for a very merry Christmas indeed when there are such handsome pugs to warm the home!


Jade said...

I only commented to my other half this morning that I was missing your blog posts! It looked like you had a wonderful Christmas, what lucky pugs!x

Frank's People said...

Yes it was indeed a lovely Christmas!