Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Frank Joins the Circus!

OR: So Helpful Part #2

I recently ordered myself a new red "tissu" (otherwise know as aerial silk), which is actually not tissue or silk at all but rather a cheap stretchy poly blend used for doing aerial tricks a la Cirque du Soliel, though not nearly that entertaining or spectacle like when I do it. As I was working on the rigging of the end so as to allow it to hang from a ceiling somewhere, Frank decided that HE might like to take up the fine art of performance, with the help of his lovely assistant Bean:

Oh Frank. You do look very handsome against the red, but you are actually not helping me at all! (I have to repeatedly drag the fabric through a loopy thing...) Would you be so very kind as to move?

Frank? Hello?
Hmm. I will take that as a no.
Oh Frank. If only you could touch your tail to your head you would make such a dashing aerialist indeed!

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