Monday, January 3, 2011

Poll #1

Why Frank, whatever could have you looking so very contemplative? Perhaps you are wondering what exactly it is about your head that makes people want to nuzzle up to it so? I have asked myself that question many a time, and so decided that it was high time to take a poll. The responses to what Frank's head smells of were as follows:

1) Calm and Euphoria (that was from me, and technically it is a feeling more than a smell but there just were no other adjectives that I could think of).

2) A Biscuit - this was from a dapper English friend, therefore I think it translates to cookie? I also think that he was trying to appease me rather than saying "dog" like most of the other men polled.

3) Dog - this was from a boy.

4) Wet Dog - this was from a bartender, who is a boy. To be fair it had been raining on the way to the bar, which delightfully welcomes friendly pups.

5) Corn Chips.

6) A Sock out of the Dryer.

7) Wet Concrete.

8) Dog - another boy.

9) Black Truffle - this was from a boy who I wouldn't feed until he chose something more descriptive than "dog".

10) A Salty Peanut

Oh Frank, what a wide range of tasty snack sniffs you do provide...

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