Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Helpful!

Occasionally Frank is very helpful. For example, last night he decided to help his dad pack for an upcoming trip:

Oh Frank! I'm not at all sure that this bag will zip up for overhead storage with you inside!

Frank's dad was a wee bit displeased at the thought of taking a plethora of pug hair along with him, and so chased Frank out. However, a few minutes later as I was working at my desk, I heard some tell tale snores coming from just off to my right...

Oh Frank! No! You are not invited on this trip!
Perhaps this is his form of protest? Such a small and handsome conscientious objector!

1 comment:

nestra said...

That looks like a 'if I'm not going you aren't going' look to me.

At least it is a peaceful protest.