Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Oh Frank! You are looking rather displeased with your ears all at funny angles. Is it possible that you ate to many pumpkin seeds?

Last night was a night of joyous times for Frank as he was invited to his Godmother's house for a pumpkin carving party! For 5 hours he prowled about eating pumpkin innards and seeds - delicious! Frank does enjoy a party! (Sadly, I left my camera with its fresh new batteries on the table at home, but as pictures trickle in from others I will post them along!)

Here are some highlights for now:

One of the delightful neighbors, J, who must also be thanked for the pictures in this blog!, brought over a stencil or two for the pumpkins. Now, being a traditionalist I was a wee bit skeptical, but...

pretty good, I have to say!

J then printed out the MOST enjoyable stencil idea:

Oh Frank!
Of course we had to hand it over to BSS as the rest of us were rather daunted by the task.

OH MY!!!!!

Oh Frank! Look at that! A Jack - O - Lantern just for you!!!! Whoever could believe it!

Thank you again to BSS and his remarkable artistic talents! For those of you who might not live in the area, you may not be aware of the DELIGHTFUL and quite remarkable stickers of Frank also made by BSS, allow me to share:

Oh Frank! You ARE so handsome!

After the pumpkins were all carved up and put away Frank changed his hunting pattern...

Oh Frank, however can you have any room left in your little belly? That tasty pumpkin ale is not for you...

PS - if any of you are curious about the history of the jack-o-lantern here is a link!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did Someone Say MORE Cake?!!!

OH FRANK! I do believe it's time to break out your bow tie!

Well, Frank is extremely delighted to announce that today the MOST delightful boyfriend of his favorite, and only, aunt, would officially be joining the family as the father of Gusaroo! And not only will Frank be gaining a MOST delightful uncle, but the proposal was EVEN carried out with the aide of Gusaroo! OH we DO enjoy! What a lucky bird dog Gus is to be gaining such a fine new father!!!

Frank, as you can see, is very fond of a snuggle with his uncle to be...

Oh Frank! What a comfy warm lap you have there!

You may recall how much Frank enjoyed a taste of cake at our wedding almost 2 years ago:

Oh Frank, so gentle and polite...

and SO handsome and demure....

Oh my. Well. We may have to do a little bit of brushing up before the celebration!

(Oh Frank you look so ferocious! Really this was Frank trying desperately to catch a crumb as it fell towards the ground!)

Welcome to the family Uncle Ben!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Did someone say cake?

Happy Birthday Grandma Railey!

Frank was very eager this morning when he heard the word birthday, since in the past this delightful word has either been accompanied by cake (his parent's birthdays) or a can of tuna (his birthday).
Oh Frank! You do look so hopeful! I am sad to say that your grandmother is all the way in Colorado and there is no cake to be had...

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Change of Plan

Oh Frank! Look at how stylish you are in your Fall jacket that matches the leaves! Even if the sunshine is too bright to open your eye!

It has to be said that we have been having a lovely Fall these last 2 weeks. However, much to Frank's dismay, they have been rather busy weeks at work and we have not spent as much time in the sunshine as a small pug would like. So today I was quite eager to make it up to Frank with a long walk and lots of pug friendly outdoor errands.
We suited Frank up in his handsome yellow coat (also known as his rain coat with the hood unsnapped) and headed out the door....

...to be greeted with a rather sudden downpour. This did not please Frank. After coaxing him for a very brief walk we returned home where we tried to entertain ourselves. I am sad to say for Frank's waist line that this mainly included cleaning the house and sharing some snacks...

First we enjoyed some grapes that were almost the size of Frank's head. I was rather concerned that he might choke on them, so I made sure to have a firm hold...

Oh Yum Yum!

We then discovered that there was very little else to eat in the house and so moved on to what I like to call the time for the store noodles and butter dish. Frank enjoys a noodle, though it appears that the camera was sideways and I don't know how to flip the video about. Never the less you can still hone in on the wee pug's noodle hunting technique (just turn your head to the side a little....).

Oh Frank! So many talents you have in that little pug frame!

Perhaps the sun will be out tomorrow...

Monday, October 13, 2008

A DELIGHTFUL New Discovery!

Oh FRANK! Whatever is that delicious treat that has you digging your nose ever so far into the container?

This past week (which has been rather busy, I do apologize that there have been so very few posts!) I introduced Frank to my new favorite snack; a new, very tasty Greek yogurt that is not ONLY fat free, but is ALSO creamy and delicious!

Of course, having made this discovery for myself, it would have been very inconsiderate and rude not to share. As you can see above the container was clearly designed in a thoughtful manner so that a handsome pug snout could not only fit neatly inside, but could ALSO reach all the way to the bottom of the cup with an eagerly lapping tongue.

Oh Frank! It seems that the new treat so delicious that you decided to save a wee bit on your face for later!

Perhaps you should become the furry and oh so charming poster child for this delicious and nutritious new product!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh my how we've grown!

Wait a minute! That's not Frank!

Oh Frank! There you are! And what's that you have with you? It seems that pull-apart-pig is wearing your very first puppy coat!

I tried to put this coat on Frank, but it doesn't even come close to going around his neck. Oh Frank! How you have grown! To think that this fine accessory used to HANG off of you!

I DO wish we had taken photographs of our first outing with Frank and his new coat to Central Park! Back when he was an East Coast Pug....

It is about 3 years to the day when I first talked to the "breeder" (translation - wretched woman who has no integrity and traffics in small furry lives with only feigned concern for their well being) and somehow thought she was a breeder (translation - delightful person with integrity who actually cares about her puppies and the breed).

However, we could not walk away from Frank, and are delighted by him every day! Well, almost every day...

If you would enjoy seeing some more handsome photos of Frank from the photo shoot - please click here: http://furriefotographie.blogspot.com/2008/09/more.html

Scroll all the way down for some shots him tucked into his bike backpack!: