Saturday, October 30, 2010


Oh Frank! You look so forlorn staring out the window at the arrival of the doom and gloom of winter...

Whatever can we do to cheer you up?
What's that you say? Prepare some warm ginger snaps with fresh whipped cream?

And let you lick the egg-beater?

What an excellent suggestion!

Allow me to share the feeding frenzy which followed, an incident sure to strike fear in the heart of whipped dairy products everywhere....

Oh my.

Frank. How rather undignified.
Though you certainly appear to be less forlorn.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bean! Fashion Advisor.

Sometimes, after a restless night's sleep and with a long day ahead, the last thing a lady wants to do is figure out a stylish yet sensible outfit for the day. Such was my mood as I sat pondering how to acceptably wear the closest allowable thing to sweatpants (black leggings and a large soft sweater) to work. Overwhelmed by such a tough decision, I forgot to close my closet and proceeded to the couch in order to drink some coffee and contemplate the dismaying state of the union compliments of CNN.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a somewhat suspicious flash of black and pink...

Why BEAN! You know that you are not supposed to go seeking entertainment in my closet!
And yet, you seem to have brought me a bright pink sporty Puma ballet flat. Indeed! The perfect thing to accessorize, spruce up, and disguise the comfort of today's camouflaged sweat pant wear!

Voila! Bean! Fashion Advisor.

I wonder if I could rent him out to Vogue?

Don't get too proud there Bean, you still get a scolding for pulling a shoe out of the closet...

Frank would like to add, as a side note, that he feels quite strongly that ANY outfit can be smartly accessorized with a fine (or thick, depending on your level of devotion) dusting of black pug hair. Further more, the best way to achieve this look is to give your handsome, one eyed pug a large spooning, and possibly a Kong filled with peanut butter, anytime before leaving the house.

Thank you Frank, a very informative suggestion indeed.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandma Railey! We wish that we were there to give you this delightful little pumpkin to celebrate your October birthday!

Frank and Bean!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How rude...

... of us to disappear so suddenly in the middle of Frank's vacation... I fear that work began to present a bit of a time constraint. BUT, here we are back, with the photos loaded the day that I disappeared, continuing our vacation at the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Upon arrival we were dismayed, though not surprised, to find that pugs were not, in fact, welcome at all. Sad times. Unfortunately, to say that Frank and Bean are hardy car dogs would be a gross inflation of the truth, which is that to actually see them waiting in the car a passerby would be forced to believe that they were abused, abandoned, and dying, and had been so not actually for the 5 minutes necessary to run into a non-dog friendly establishment, but possibly for a the better part of their lives.
As the temperatures were quite lovely and cool, though far from cold, we decided to try a new technique leaving the pugs in the car with a decoy...

Step one... open the tasty creamy peanut butter brought along for just such an instance....

step two, insert said peanut butter into 1 puppy Kong per pug...

The peanut butter Kong! This did in fact distract the boys long enough, not for us to take a tour, but at least for us to return with a delicious and calcium rich ice cream cone.

Oh Frank! Yum Yum!