Monday, March 31, 2008

Mmm. Oysters....

Well, oyster crackers that is. The other night I found myself so exhausted, hungry, and sore after a performance that upon my arrival home sometime after midnight all I could think about was how quickly I could get to bed. So, I decided to combine all of the necessary activities, namely: taking a bath, drinking a delicious seasonal beer, and eating pretty much the only thing I could find in the house, some crispy oyster crackers. Now, the only person who enjoys it when I take a bath more than I is Frank. This is because he can come curl up on the mat in the warm bathroom and have a snooze knowing that I will not be wandering away. However, on the afore mentioned night he was not interested in snoozing but rather was most keenly interested in the cracker based fare on which I was indulging - so I took some pity on him and set a cracker on the side of the tub. Much to the dismay of the small furry pug, it flew into the tub the moment he licked it.
What ensued was so enjoyable that I had to climb out of the bathtub to get my camera at which point we tried the whole thing over again.... and sure enough, flick into the bathtub (please pardon the steam...)

Oh Frank! What ever are you going to do now? You do not love to be in the bath...

but maybe if you just get a little closer...

and then look at the cracker very hard so that it just might float towards you - isn't it a delight that there was a cracker invented not merely to be delicious, but also to float in warm soups - (and baths it would seem!)?
OH Frank you are so close!

Oh my! I am sad to report that Frank never could quite get the cracker - each time he licked the top of it he pushed it further away... but the time I fished it out and gave it to him it was quite soggy,

but he didn't seem to mind - here we see him hopefully peering about in the tub for more...
Oh Frank, what a delicious midnight snack.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Frank Returns

Well, the computer has had some difficulty with loading the pictures lately, perhaps it is because I am oh so fond of the subject matter and try to put up a few too many! Anyhow, I would like to announce the return of Frank - pictured here joyfully running on a field on which we actually were not allowed.

OH Frank, if only your ears were a little longer you would look like a handsome rabbit indeed!