Friday, July 23, 2010

Pug Maintenance

As you may have discovered through the enjoyment of Frank's adventures, maintaining a pug is in itself a full time job. Since I have been spending a rather lot of time at my other full time job (where I make the money to pay for the pugs) yesterday was high time for some routine pug maintenance.

First, one must gather the necessary tools:

For Frank, this means wet wipes for his nose roll, two different eye drops, a toothbrush and toothpaste (which we need not focus on as oral hygiene was covered several posts ago), nail clippers, easy cheese, and, of course, a jerky treat.

For Bean we exchange the eye drops for Gentaspray... used a deterrent for puppy acne...

Oh poor Bean, might you have a pimple or so?

How VERY unbecoming! Good thing you throw the focus off with those giant eyeballs!

By far the most trying part of this process is the clipping of Frank's nails - he hates hates hates it. Seeing as how nobody likes to traumatize their one eyed pug, we came up with a plan known as the cheezy smear...

Oh FRANK, yum yum!

After smearing easy cheese along the table (an act which drives Frank's father a little bit insane, though I like to think the table comes away looking quite buffed and clean from the pug tongue polish!) Frank is positioned so that he can not possibly focus on the delight of his palate and the anguish of a having his feet touched; seeing as how he is a pug, the palate usually wins out.

Voilá! The Frank toenail trim!

All in all, it is best to leave oneself a very patient half hour or so to thoroughly complete a full round of pug maintenance.
Quite exhausting indeed.

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Puglette said...

oh yes, the joys of pug maintenance. i love your method of trimming frank's nails. we have one pug that hates it with a passion and screams. we usually take him to the local vet for a trim. your cheese method looks like something we may have to try.

and i will be asking the vet about the gentaspray, our little charlie has a terrible case of the chin pimples right now.
thanks for the great tips!