Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Dog!

Summer has arrived in the Pacific Northwest! Finally... and with it, two very hot pugs AND the delightful announcement of "The Summer Activities of Frank (and Bean, the sidekick who is rapidly trying to take over the house and the blog, we will not allow this to happen of course.)"

How exciting! A new blog post every Monday AND Friday guaranteed all the way through, well I don't know for how long, but at least through the end of August!

Our first day of real warm weather began quite serenely...

Oh Frank! You look like a model from GQ!

And Bean! So well behaved you are, peacefully chewing on an appropriate toy!
Such relaxed and debonair fellows indeed!

I am sad to say that relaxed and debonair did not last. Below I shall feature some looks from 2 hours later, which readers will be seeing a lot of if our heat wave continues:

Oh Frank. He can't quite seem to get his tongue out all the way...

And, not to be forgotten or outdone:

Oh Bean, I'm afraid this photo does not help to dispel the rumors that you are a bit of a nutter.

Welcome to summer!

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