Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Philanthropy

Helping those in need should be an important part of every pugs life. In the case of Frank and Bean, those in need refers to any canine or feline who is not currently in possession of a warm cover underneath which they may be spooned by their favorite human before waking up to be fed, walked, and presented with a choice of 30 or so toys from which to choose.
Keeping this in mind, a few rainy Saturdays ago we headed out for the furry 5K, a delightful race to benefit the Animal Shelter (and co-directed VERY admirably by Snackler's mother).

And don't these racers look handsome in their sporty kerchiefs?!

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, it must be said that Frank, Bean, and I did not actually run the race. Shortly after this picture was taken it began to POUR and, being that pugs are less than savvy water dogs, I am sad to say that we headed back to the car and home for a nap.

HOWEVER, the donation was made and I do hope that some pugly support was shown!

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