Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Treats!

What would the summer be without the delicious flavor of corn on the cob?
Not wanting to rob the pugs of any of life's pleasant experiences, we felt that it only fair to give them a lick or so....

Oh boys, look at those 3 wide eyes!

Frank, of course, began with his token handsome and debonair lick.
Bean did not.

Bean! Must you jump right in and shove everyone else aside? Such manners!

Now, as anyone will recognize, along with the enjoyment of corn on the cob comes the not so delightful task of removing leftover corn bits from one's teeth. Oral hygiene is of course very important, and pugs are no exception!

Therefore, post corn, we proceeded to gather our dental pug care supplies.

1 small children's toothbrush,

and some Petorodex Enzymatic Toothpaste. (Poultry flavored! Yum, yum!)

First the boys have a little lick to see what sort of tasty treat is coming their way,

(Bean is especially enthusiastic about this part)

followed by a wee examination of the toothbrush by Frank,

and we are off!

Bean, who enjoys having pretty much everything in his mouth, seems convinced that toothbrush time is just another one of life's delights....

...or...maybe his is just very confused....

(Oh Bean. Sometimes your little brain works so hard to figure out what is going on.)

Frank, on the other hand, finds the whole process rather less than dignified and is NOT, it must be said, the ideal patient...

(and yes, that is the side with the eye squeezed SOOOOO tightly closed against the indignity and torture.)

Good oral hygiene! The key to a pug's happy and healthy dental summer!

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