Monday, July 12, 2010

The importance of stretching....

As we all know, along with the sunshine, the summer brings a wealth of athletic outdoor activities. As with any extended and expanded exercise regime, it is most important to keep the muscles limber and stretched out.

In anticipation of a day full of summer activities, Frank takes his muscular health very seriously and enjoys stretching many of his handsome muscle groups.

The morning often begins with a vigorous tongue stretch,

followed quickly by an extension of the left hamstring (done in the sunshine only)...

Next, in a remarkable feat of multitasking during nap time, a stretch of the abdominals...

the quads,

and of course, not to be forgotten...

...the ears.
Oh Frank! You are so physically aware!

Bean, in the mean time, spends copious amounts of time stretching what he believes to be his greatest asset...

Yes Bean, your eyeballs are indeed very big.

1 comment:

Puglette said...

such excellent stretching frank! a gentleman pug must keep active and flexible.

bean, you are indeed a handsome youngster. but keep a watch on that nose wrinkle, it looks like it may try to roll over your adorable little nose!