Thursday, October 22, 2009

Somebody is VERY bad...

Need I say more?

Thank goodness I had my handy dandy iPhone with which to snap the photo before giving him a through talking to. Pugs are NOT allowed on the dinner table, no matter how handsome they might be.

To be fair, I HAD just opened a box of chocolate chip cookies from Frank's Grandmother, and who can resist the small of a homemade chocolate chipper?
Oh Frank. SO bad.

I was about to refer to an earlier "incident" with a package, but it somehow wouldn't let me post the link, so I just dumped it back in below this one for the viewing pleasure of all of Frank's very delightful fans!

Happy Birthday Grandma Railey! Thank you for the cookies! Delicious!

a VERY Bad Pug

Once upon a time Frank's grandmother sent his father and I a lovely and thoughtful package. His dad brought it in and left it on the floor, and here is what I found upon my return from a very, very, long day at work:

Oh my.

AND...chewed plastic baggies.

It seems that Grandma Railey had mailed a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies for Frank's dad's birthday.

Frank, of course, assumed that they were for him.

12 Chocolate Chip Cookies + 1 Small Pug + maybe some plastic baggie bits and cardboard =
bad. Very, very, bad.

It was pretty clear from the way Frank looked that at this point he might actually agree with the above equation.

That's right Frank. I BET it is hard to hold a curl in your tail.

Oh my, someone did not feel well at all. Have no fear, however, I have the delightful pleasure of having a friend who we MOST enjoy, and who also happens to be a veterinary technician, and who also happened to be at work just a bit up the road. She arrived with some syringes of fresh hydrogen peroxide, which were force fed to a rather less than enthusiastic pug. I dug the shower curtain that I had just tossed out the door (what fortuitous timing!) up for "collection", and we had a less than elegant, though somewhat satisfying, half hour of watching the chocolate chippers re-emerge. (Don't use the hydrogen peroxide technique unless specifically being told what to do by your veterinarian or lovely veterinary technician).

Oh Frank, what a very bad pug indeed.

(Fear not, however! Frank was back to begging by the time the dinner hour crept around, and is currently snoozing, happy as a clam, in the middle of the bed.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Much to my dismay, this week consisted of a rather deep cleaning of some closets. Much to my and Frank's delight, one of the many treasures discovered during this rather tedious chore was his old puppy snugly.

When we first got Frank we were living in a less than desirable area of New York City. He had not had all of his shots yet, as he was a wee 10 week old puppy, and I can pretty much guarantee that the folks in our neighborhood had not taken their rather intimidating canines to a vet in a while, if ever, meaning that Frank could not go on the ground for fear of contracting a communicable disease or worms. Eww.

Enter the solution: Urban Hound's puppy snugly! Also excellent for smuggling a dog onto the subway.

As Frank had spent the morning seeming a little sad, cold, and lonely, I decided to see if he still enjoyed tucking in to his favorite puppy napping spot,

and though the fit seemed a bit snug and first,
it took all of about 5 minutes for him to settle right in...

Oh Frank! Who wouldn't enjoy a nap in a warm, gently swaying snugly!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goodbye Sun

Well. It appears that the sun has disappeared for the next nine months. This morning, someone was rather loathe to confront the reality of the situation....

Hmm. Let's go to a side view there....

...and an undercover view...

Oh Frank. I know. It is very hard to get out of bed when there is a lack of sunny patches in which you can lie.