Sunday, October 11, 2009


Much to my dismay, this week consisted of a rather deep cleaning of some closets. Much to my and Frank's delight, one of the many treasures discovered during this rather tedious chore was his old puppy snugly.

When we first got Frank we were living in a less than desirable area of New York City. He had not had all of his shots yet, as he was a wee 10 week old puppy, and I can pretty much guarantee that the folks in our neighborhood had not taken their rather intimidating canines to a vet in a while, if ever, meaning that Frank could not go on the ground for fear of contracting a communicable disease or worms. Eww.

Enter the solution: Urban Hound's puppy snugly! Also excellent for smuggling a dog onto the subway.

As Frank had spent the morning seeming a little sad, cold, and lonely, I decided to see if he still enjoyed tucking in to his favorite puppy napping spot,

and though the fit seemed a bit snug and first,
it took all of about 5 minutes for him to settle right in...

Oh Frank! Who wouldn't enjoy a nap in a warm, gently swaying snugly!


Puglette said...

i would imagine that the snuggly is a bit heavier these days, but gosh...he just looks so darn comfy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Frank! You sure are the cutest!!

Love from your forever fan,

one-eyed-mabel said...

Oh Frank you are so handsome.My name is Mabel and I live in the UK
I lost my eye on Monday....I'm only 17 weeks old. How old were you? Has it stopped you doing anything?
yours admiringly
Mabel xxx