Thursday, October 22, 2009

Somebody is VERY bad...

Need I say more?

Thank goodness I had my handy dandy iPhone with which to snap the photo before giving him a through talking to. Pugs are NOT allowed on the dinner table, no matter how handsome they might be.

To be fair, I HAD just opened a box of chocolate chip cookies from Frank's Grandmother, and who can resist the small of a homemade chocolate chipper?
Oh Frank. SO bad.

I was about to refer to an earlier "incident" with a package, but it somehow wouldn't let me post the link, so I just dumped it back in below this one for the viewing pleasure of all of Frank's very delightful fans!

Happy Birthday Grandma Railey! Thank you for the cookies! Delicious!


Anonymous said...

It seems very clear to me that Gramma Railely needs to send handsome Frank a box of special doggie-safe chocolate chip cookies for his very own....

On Franks side,
Fan Daureen

Anonymous said...

Why can't Grandma Railey send pug-friendly cookies?? Might just be the thing for handsome Frank and his chocolate chip obsession...

Love and good advice from one of Frank's biggest fans,