Saturday, May 31, 2008

I have been wondering recently if there is anything, other than regular sun protection of course, that I can do to prevent wrinkles from sneaking onto my face. Here is some information that I thought perhaps I would share:

Sleeping Positions. Resting your face on the pillow also leads to wrinkles. People who sleep on their backs do not develop these wrinkles since their skin does not lie crumpled against the pillow.

Hmm. Very Interesting. Unlike most humans creeping slowly into their thirties, Frank thinks that wrinkles are QUITE handsome and does everything that he can to cultivate his own...

Perhaps Frank and I should go back to sleeping the way he did when he was a puppy...

Oh Frank. How rather undistinguished of you...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Fan...

Oh my! Who, you may be wondering, is that very handsome canine sporting the Oh Frank sticker?

Oh Frank! That is your very proud cousin Gusaroo! Gus is a rather stoic and sensitive bird dog who tries very hard to like his little Pugly cousin, but it seems that Frank is, at times, rather over eager. There does come a time when Frank jumps on Gus and tries to lick his teeth one to many times when the little pug gets snapped at. Sometimes it is not attractive at all to be too needy.

Frank was quite sad this weekend when I packed up my bag and headed out the door without him, he does so enjoy a visit with his cousin in San Fancisco! The good news, and I think you will agree since there will most definitely be adventures and tales to tell, is that coming in June there will be a visit to Colorado involving BOTH canine cousins!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pugly Companions

Hmm. Well, after writing the title for this blog I decided to see if "Pugly" had an actual definition. It turns out that there is not a definition in Webster's , but there IS a definition on Urban Allow me to enlighten you:

1) someone who is pug ugly. someone who has a face like a pug (breed of dog) and is extremely ugly in personality and physical appearance. can also be used to describe someone you really dislike.

Well! How RUDE!

I feel that Pugly surely is a loving word which describes all that is charming and delightful and always eager to see you, wiggle a tail, and lick your face. Therefore, I think that you will know that it is with only the highest compliments that I introduce you to the friends with whom Frank has played this last week.

Pictured here we have Sera, a VERY pretty bird dog who lives down the street from us. Frank tries very hard to flirt with Sera by wiggling his whole body and licking her snout, but after a few moments of greeting she seems to be a bit more interested in her ball. Now, you may be thinking that if the object of your affection was more interested in a ball than she was in you, you might feel rather dejected.
Not so with Frank!
Though Frank does still have one eye, it is not quite sharp enough to see fairly small, quickly moving objects. What this means is that as Sera madly chases her ball, which Frank of course has not seen, Frank madly chases Sera thinking that she is playing the run and chase me because I am so pretty and sleek game! Oh Frank. Based on the enjoyment that Frank gets from this, I now believe that ignorance truly may be the key to bliss....

Next up we have Fiona:

Oh my! Fiona, what delightful ears you have!

Several days ago we stopped in a yarn store (So Much Yarn) to pick out some materials with which Frank's godmother is going to make me a hat. (I myself am less than crafty and so very much enjoy that I have a very talented friend or two who will make for me a unique and heartfelt gift!) Imagine our delight when upon inquiring whether a pug could come in, not only were we encouraged to bring him along, but were greeted by a VERY lovely French Bulldog with SUCH big ears! Fiona and Frank frolicked and played quite a lot and I believe were quite smitten with each other!

Oh Frank! You are quite the ladies man!

And of course, no week would be complete without a walk or two with the love of Frank's life, Snack. Snack was supposed to be a bull mastiff, but her mom decided that perhaps they should pick a smaller sized companion - though she is in the same color scheme! Thus the name Snack, as she would in fact be just that for the original dog planned. The Snackler used to be bigger than Frank and so rather enjoyed playing with him. But seeing as how Frank has become rather large and a bit clumsy, she now rather keeps her distance.

Alas. Snackler is quite the heart breaker.

Finally, at the end of a VERY tiring and exciting week, Frank curled up with his longest companion of all, Gentle Pig:

What a lucky pig indeed to be so loved by such a handsome and furry pug!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh Such a Surprise!

OH FRANK! What is that you say? You are so VERY eager because rather than staying at home alone, you have been invited to a party? What a joyful development!

It was with much pleasure that Frank and I were anticipating a late night party at the house of one of our new friends, well actually 3 of our new friends, after our final night at work. Usually, of course, Frank is not invited to a party - especially one that starts after 11pm, but on this occasion he was most graciously encourage to attend.

IMAGINE our delight when we opened the door to this!:

Perhaps you might like me to zoom in for a closer look just in case you can't believe your eyes! (I apologize for the blur, I am not a very good technician):

That's right! It is not your eyes deceiving you! An "OH FRANK" t-shirt! ! OH the joy!

Whatever did we do to deserve such a brilliant surprise? It seems that our new friends - A dashing singer for the Queen, The Queen herself [though not the one that was sung for], and the Captain of a delightful sailboat (please do not feel left out if the nicknames do not make sense to you, but as you know, I do not mention so many first names of people on the blog, and such an act as this DESERVES a nickname indeed) in combination with the remarkable graphics of BSS, one of Frank's AND our favorite friends, executed this most delightful surprise!

BSS and Frank's godmother, it must be said, have been running a bit of a gorilla Frank campaign for a couple of months now. It was very odd there for a while when people who were mere acquaintances would mention that they saw a sticker with a one eyed pug named Frank plastered somewhere about town . I thought they were teasing. I am rather gullible you know.

How very lucky we are. Once the squeaking and disbelief had passed, Frank, of course, made himself quite at home in the kitchen in case any snack were dropped, played with a second pug named Jack Daniels who made a brief appearance, and eagerly waited with us as the hot tub warmed up...

You may want to notice the back of that blue shirt, it has a bit of a Frank a la Andy Warhol...

OH Frank. You are a lucky pug indeed to have such lovely and thoughtful people around you!

Our eagerness was so great, in fact, that first thing in the morning (which as you can imagine was actually not so early) I popped my T-shirt right back on and Frank and I met up with a friend who had also eagerly worn HIS T-shirt,

and we all headed off to enjoy a lovely morning picnic of coffee and pastries

OH Frank! Delicious!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Very Lucky Pug

OH Frank! What is that you have there?

The answer is, the first of one of many joyful moments from this past weekend! Much to Frank's delight, a package arrived on Friday from Omaha Steaks. It turns out that not only were there MANY delicious products sent by Grandma and Grandpa Herriott for Frank's dad's birthday, but also an ENTIRE box of specialty doggie treats! You may note that Frank is extra pleased about the size.... He was also pleased this evening when he got to enjoy a taste or two from our extremely tasty steak dinner.

After Friday's MOST exciting delivery, Saturday started off with the arrival of Frank's other Grandpa, Grandpa Railey. GR, as we will from here out refer to him, was in town to see an opera or so, but Frank of course did not know this and feels quite strongly that GR was in town just to play with him. After a joyous greeting that wiped all air travel residue from his grandfather's face, we proceeded to lunch in order to enjoy a delicious halibut sandwich.

OH Frank. You look so mournful. But where are your manners? Begging is so very unbecoming.

Yet effective, it would seem.

Yum. Halibut. Frank does enjoy a fish sandwich.

Once we got home Frank was delighted, again, when the suitcase opened, to see that he had received yet another present, this time sent from GMR - GrandMom Railey.

Yep. That's right. Frank's bird collection has grown. I am assured that this is a yellow finch which is NOT indigenous to the area.

OH Frank! Aren't you a lucky pug indeed to have so many Grandparents to love you!

At the end of this very exciting day Frank was, understandably, quite tired indeed and so decided to explore his sleeping options:

Oh my! An Aerobed! How delightful - it is just at pug level! But Frank, that is not your bed and I am not at all sure that you are invited.

Hmm. Well. Frank feels that sometimes invitations are highly overrated.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Bit Too Late...

I was perusing the internet today when I stumbled upon the following tidbit of handy information:

"Supposedly, bed privileges destroy the owner's standing as pack leader. Allowing a dog in the bed, I learned, is a critical dog-rearing error, like giving brandy to quiet a cranky baby and ending up with an alcoholic teenager."

Oh dear. Well, at least I didn't give him any brandy.