Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pugly Companions

Hmm. Well, after writing the title for this blog I decided to see if "Pugly" had an actual definition. It turns out that there is not a definition in Webster's , but there IS a definition on Urban Dictionary.com. Allow me to enlighten you:

1) someone who is pug ugly. someone who has a face like a pug (breed of dog) and is extremely ugly in personality and physical appearance. can also be used to describe someone you really dislike.

Well! How RUDE!

I feel that Pugly surely is a loving word which describes all that is charming and delightful and always eager to see you, wiggle a tail, and lick your face. Therefore, I think that you will know that it is with only the highest compliments that I introduce you to the friends with whom Frank has played this last week.

Pictured here we have Sera, a VERY pretty bird dog who lives down the street from us. Frank tries very hard to flirt with Sera by wiggling his whole body and licking her snout, but after a few moments of greeting she seems to be a bit more interested in her ball. Now, you may be thinking that if the object of your affection was more interested in a ball than she was in you, you might feel rather dejected.
Not so with Frank!
Though Frank does still have one eye, it is not quite sharp enough to see fairly small, quickly moving objects. What this means is that as Sera madly chases her ball, which Frank of course has not seen, Frank madly chases Sera thinking that she is playing the run and chase me because I am so pretty and sleek game! Oh Frank. Based on the enjoyment that Frank gets from this, I now believe that ignorance truly may be the key to bliss....

Next up we have Fiona:

Oh my! Fiona, what delightful ears you have!

Several days ago we stopped in a yarn store (So Much Yarn) to pick out some materials with which Frank's godmother is going to make me a hat. (I myself am less than crafty and so very much enjoy that I have a very talented friend or two who will make for me a unique and heartfelt gift!) Imagine our delight when upon inquiring whether a pug could come in, not only were we encouraged to bring him along, but were greeted by a VERY lovely French Bulldog with SUCH big ears! Fiona and Frank frolicked and played quite a lot and I believe were quite smitten with each other!

Oh Frank! You are quite the ladies man!

And of course, no week would be complete without a walk or two with the love of Frank's life, Snack. Snack was supposed to be a bull mastiff, but her mom decided that perhaps they should pick a smaller sized companion - though she is in the same color scheme! Thus the name Snack, as she would in fact be just that for the original dog planned. The Snackler used to be bigger than Frank and so rather enjoyed playing with him. But seeing as how Frank has become rather large and a bit clumsy, she now rather keeps her distance.

Alas. Snackler is quite the heart breaker.

Finally, at the end of a VERY tiring and exciting week, Frank curled up with his longest companion of all, Gentle Pig:

What a lucky pig indeed to be so loved by such a handsome and furry pug!

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