Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh Such a Surprise!

OH FRANK! What is that you say? You are so VERY eager because rather than staying at home alone, you have been invited to a party? What a joyful development!

It was with much pleasure that Frank and I were anticipating a late night party at the house of one of our new friends, well actually 3 of our new friends, after our final night at work. Usually, of course, Frank is not invited to a party - especially one that starts after 11pm, but on this occasion he was most graciously encourage to attend.

IMAGINE our delight when we opened the door to this!:

Perhaps you might like me to zoom in for a closer look just in case you can't believe your eyes! (I apologize for the blur, I am not a very good technician):

That's right! It is not your eyes deceiving you! An "OH FRANK" t-shirt! ! OH the joy!

Whatever did we do to deserve such a brilliant surprise? It seems that our new friends - A dashing singer for the Queen, The Queen herself [though not the one that was sung for], and the Captain of a delightful sailboat (please do not feel left out if the nicknames do not make sense to you, but as you know, I do not mention so many first names of people on the blog, and such an act as this DESERVES a nickname indeed) in combination with the remarkable graphics of BSS, one of Frank's AND our favorite friends, executed this most delightful surprise!

BSS and Frank's godmother, it must be said, have been running a bit of a gorilla Frank campaign for a couple of months now. It was very odd there for a while when people who were mere acquaintances would mention that they saw a sticker with a one eyed pug named Frank plastered somewhere about town . I thought they were teasing. I am rather gullible you know.

How very lucky we are. Once the squeaking and disbelief had passed, Frank, of course, made himself quite at home in the kitchen in case any snack were dropped, played with a second pug named Jack Daniels who made a brief appearance, and eagerly waited with us as the hot tub warmed up...

You may want to notice the back of that blue shirt, it has a bit of a Frank a la Andy Warhol...

OH Frank. You are a lucky pug indeed to have such lovely and thoughtful people around you!

Our eagerness was so great, in fact, that first thing in the morning (which as you can imagine was actually not so early) I popped my T-shirt right back on and Frank and I met up with a friend who had also eagerly worn HIS T-shirt,

and we all headed off to enjoy a lovely morning picnic of coffee and pastries

OH Frank! Delicious!

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Susanna said...

Oh dear. I DO miss y'all. That looks like T's arm and a Macrina box, so I'm very excited that y'all had a good day. And I'm VERY jealous of those t-shirts!