Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Very Lucky Pug

OH Frank! What is that you have there?

The answer is, the first of one of many joyful moments from this past weekend! Much to Frank's delight, a package arrived on Friday from Omaha Steaks. It turns out that not only were there MANY delicious products sent by Grandma and Grandpa Herriott for Frank's dad's birthday, but also an ENTIRE box of specialty doggie treats! You may note that Frank is extra pleased about the size.... He was also pleased this evening when he got to enjoy a taste or two from our extremely tasty steak dinner.

After Friday's MOST exciting delivery, Saturday started off with the arrival of Frank's other Grandpa, Grandpa Railey. GR, as we will from here out refer to him, was in town to see an opera or so, but Frank of course did not know this and feels quite strongly that GR was in town just to play with him. After a joyous greeting that wiped all air travel residue from his grandfather's face, we proceeded to lunch in order to enjoy a delicious halibut sandwich.

OH Frank. You look so mournful. But where are your manners? Begging is so very unbecoming.

Yet effective, it would seem.

Yum. Halibut. Frank does enjoy a fish sandwich.

Once we got home Frank was delighted, again, when the suitcase opened, to see that he had received yet another present, this time sent from GMR - GrandMom Railey.

Yep. That's right. Frank's bird collection has grown. I am assured that this is a yellow finch which is NOT indigenous to the area.

OH Frank! Aren't you a lucky pug indeed to have so many Grandparents to love you!

At the end of this very exciting day Frank was, understandably, quite tired indeed and so decided to explore his sleeping options:

Oh my! An Aerobed! How delightful - it is just at pug level! But Frank, that is not your bed and I am not at all sure that you are invited.

Hmm. Well. Frank feels that sometimes invitations are highly overrated.

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